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The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Pretentious reply answered with pretentious reply

Because these comments are the sort who get deleted right after being posted--due to being hilarious.

Here is two comments from the comments on The Most Transphobic You Will Read This Week. Which I obviously have been working to hold that position for years now.

Catalina Payne ·

Stefanie Daniella

1) being a Transgendered Lesbian with an IQ above the range of what is usually possible to human capabilities, I have learned to understand what is past most people's ability to not have their eyes blur over and just start nodding.

Everything you have said is NOT simple English. It is the exact opposite. It is the exact sort of stuff I'd say only if I wanted to come off as a complete, excuse my proper use of simple English here, a "cvnt".

In fact, I doubt you'd recognise simple English, if it wore an Irish football jersey and you agreed to call him "Dad".

2) There is a reason the original bibles were written in Greek (known as a "real language" and hebrew a language that sounds only like "bar bar bar"). Also, considering the Bible was written around 120AD... before that it was merely memetic in its telling for about seven to eight generations of story telling.

Have you ever played the game "grape vine" or "telephone"... EVERYTHING written down in the New Testament is this. Telling yourself otherwise is just silly.

3) Considering Christianity only gained a foot hold, after the traitor Ceasar Constatine saw a comet show, and put a cross onto his shield, and won a battle, then proceeded to kill anybody who questioned his judgement in how he followed the deity... gonna say the Catholic Church had a very rocky start. Especially in that they killed anybody who disagreed on how they followed Yahweh.

This is a bad start... as anything before this is just spinning tires. Having your brakes on can make your time machine make a cool noise... but it does nothing to promote movement.

4) When you either resort to large words to exercise your tongue in hopes it might make another woman think it might do good for diving (it at least would get you to shut up). Your only other option seems to be to insult people... who just do not seem to get you.

You now have somebody, who when tested on what the limits of her intelligence was, all tests came back inconclusive, as the limits did not seem in the intelligent limits of humans, who is telling you, "you sound like an idiot". Those big words confuse me, as largely, they are meaningless, and based on racist research. There only purpose is to make you feel superior, without giving you any call to have earned that feeling. That is the only reason the words you use exist. There is no further meaning behind them.

5) One, I am offended that anybody would use "positive" in any kind of good context. I for one, do not want to be positive of any sense in this rainbow alphabet soup.

I do want to be helpful, and willing to move with the best foot forward. Which tends to put me at odds with members of the community who love to believe "any ol' foot will do, we are the victims here, right?". Especially when my main goal is to try to tell members, "hey, watch where you step?! Just cause bad stuff happened to us, does not make it so we are automatically the good guys here. We may be the tomato in the mirror."

So, yes--I do come across as an enemy of the Rainbow Alphabet Soup communities. Yes, I am what the literal version of a "lesbian in a man's body" is actually a picture off... those douche bags in the bar, you are to ask them when they will be chopping off their bits. No, really--I hate those guys SO MUCH.

There is plenty of good reasons I do not automatically eat up everything the rainbow alphabet soup does because IT IS GAY! IT MUST BE GOOD!

A) Pride Parades made teasing get worse for me as a child. I find it hard to believe how anybody figured parading the worst stereotypes in a single place to celebrate it would STOP teasing. No, it just gave the kids ammo... lots and lots of brightly coloured tights wearing ammo with butterfly wings attached in tightie whities.

B) I came out as transgendered... I got raped by trannies. It was my fault an entire city's transgendered community tore apart: because I did not know what roofies were. Wonderful thing to have on your conscious and try to tell yourself, "this community cannot possibly be silly or wrong."

C) I do not understand how the Vagina Monologues or painting large amounts of pictures of my genitals... or the genitals of anybody else is actually helping. Hell, if there were Penis Monologues, I'd consider them just as retarded... as would anybody with an IQ point average above 50... hell even former President Bush would understand this as not a good idea... and be right.

D) Men are not the cause of the world's problems. Douche Baggery extends all race, creeds, nationalities and ideas of thought. I do love how effective you make this point to all those present, Stefanie. I do not dislike you because you are a lesbian or Catholic. I dislike you because you are honestly, a detestable person. I am fairly certain that there are awesome members of your goals. You are not one of them. Thus I do not respond in a helpful manner when I converse with you.

E) there are many cases and items in the Rainbow Alphabet Soup that are quite honestly horrible ideas. There needs to be people to point out, "you know... this MIGHT be a bad idea"... even if it gets us labeled as transphobic or homophobic. I'd rather be considered intelligent, than an enabler to stupidity.


In short, you are the sort of feel good twat, who is more interested in how her ovaries feel by moving your tongue back and forth, imagining the feeling you got the first time you had sex that was not in the missionary position for procreation while Jesus watched (to make sure it was done right)... than actually being effective and helping the community. Any element that allows your tongue to waggle, is an excuse for you to claim being helpful.

When it comes down to actually helping the community, I will be ready. In fact, talking with you, has given me a strange urge to wield a spanner. And to learn enough mechanics to obtain a position as a motorcycle mechanic for an alibi... suddenly, this stereotype makes sense. People who think that maybe, if you just make the target get you to shut up and put your lips to a good place, do seem quite present in the Rainbow Alphabet Soup community.. that these other stereotypes are starting to make sense to me now.

Either way: please, please... stop waggling that tongue... nobody wants you to go down on them... they might just tell you to, to get you to shut the fvck up, you stupid vapid tart.

I would ask you grow a brain... but I am not certain stupid could be cured here. Is there a Dr. House nearby? It might be actually be Lupis!

Catalina Payne

Stefanie Daniella never before has a woman gave me an urge to lumberjack, quite like you have. This is NOT a good thing.