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The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Strip Prisoner's Dilemma: Rules

So, I have officially been challenged. I read something on XKCD that indicated nobody came up with rules for the game Strip Prisoner's Dilemma.

A brief summary of Prisoner's Dilemma for those unfamiliar:

Prisoner's Dilemma was designed to be a psychological game. One that is meant to figure out how most people work. Created one: to understand how people work, and two: gain the task of getting prisoners to confess.

You have probably seen this on various crime dramas.

The idea is that the prisoners are split up. If one confesses, and the other denies, the person who confesses will get six months, where as the one that denies will get ten years. If they both confess, they both get five years. If neither confess, they got off without a punishment.

Now, naturally because of how Rule 34 works and operates to most people (protip: it is a challenge for people, to ensure that nothing is safe from Rule 34) I have to come up with a set of pornographic rules to this game.

This is a game where there are two people involved. Prisoner's Dilemma really does not allow for more than two people--though, I will give mutliplayer rules in an advanced section.

Each person has a two cards they can use. One says "confess" and the other says "denies".

If one confesses and the other denies two articles of clothing come off the denier, followed by the denier required to masturbate for two time units (this is an arbitrary amount of time that both partners should know before hand), while the other player lightly feels up their skin in nonsexual regions however they want (finger tips, toes, tongue, nose, side of head, etc. You know what gets you off).

If both confess, both players remove one article of clothing and proceed for a rather heavy make out session for one time unit.

If both deny, both player keep their current clothing and lightly feel each other up in nonsexual regions. That is by rubbing finger tips, toes, tongue, side of head, etc., over the other player. Naturally the two partners should have a good idea of what gets the other off. Finger tips _usually_ are a save guess. Unless on of the partners is a amputee without finger tips and gets jealous at the idea of this occurring (would not be the most psychologically screwed up thing I have heard about people not liking). This is merely done until one of the partners says, "crime", or some other word as such.

In the case of more than two players, the total amount of time units, is how many players there are. This is also the total amount of clothing to come off in a turn is how many players there are.

In the case of a confession, the amount of people denying have to remove a set of clothes divided based on "total clothes" / deniers. Rounding up, of course. The amount of time units spend with the people denying in the case of a confession is "time units" / deniers. Rounding up of course.

In the case that everybody denies, it most results in people feeling each other up, until somebody says "crime", or something like that.

There we go, Rule 34, complete fixed to have Strip Prisoner's Dilemma.

I expect to see at least on fetish site with a fantasy scene around Prisoner's Dilemma also called Strip Prisoner's Dilemma. Likely a lesbian or gay bondage site or some sort, with two "prisoners" confessing or denying to a kinky "crime", and punished accordingly.

Now go my little starlings, go forth and be fruity!


Tonight, the Libraries of NIMH shall be constructed!

Well, I am certain at least one person apart from me knows about my project that is known as libNIMH. It has been something on my block for some time.

A brief description of what it is, would be all the base functionality of a typical modern program being put into a single set of libraries so as to not require me to have to constantly write what I am doing here.

  • Socket handlers
  • Threading abilities
  • Dynamic Load (DL) plugin functionality
  • Heap handling
  • Stack
  • Storage abilities
  • State storing/autosave
  • Configuration, via command line and save file with the ability to commit save information
  • Embedded scripting abilities (via Lua5, Ruby, Spidermonkey, v8, Perl5, Python2, Parrot, SMsSys, Mono and JVM)
  • Secure Socket Layers (socket encryption as the default)
These days, I am finding I am doing a lot of my programs have sockets, threading, storage, configuration options and some scripting. I am adding Heap/Stack and dynamic loading options as these are generally very decent things to add. Dynamic Loading will generally work for what I want to do, which is allow for modules to be loaded and unload on the fly, without starting or stopping the programs. To slim down memory usage of a program, or add functionality needed (and perhaps unload the module if hard drive lag does not offset RAM conditions).

You will note that for the embedded scripting there is a large amount of options present. Though, these would be loaded and unloaded entirely via the DL section of libNIMH. So to try to remove some bloat.

I will be calling each program using libNIMH that is currently open a "book". Programs are the software using libNIMH--but each running process using libNIMH will be a book.

I am also debating on some form of signal system for libNIMH type programs. The issue is that libNIMH likely will not have a set port open to it, and the system will likely have several libNIMH books open at once. I could have a main libNIMH scoreboard file with libNIMH signal ports listed in it. The communication ports will likely be whatever random ports that those particular libNIMH books can acquire above 1024.

I am looking at figuring out the protocol used for interprocess communications along ::1 (aka to use UDP. Trying to keep the confirmation speed going quick enough that interception should be hard to set up. On comparison to an encrypted communication on ::1, which if you can intercept UDP going to ::1 on a system, you can easily man in the middle an SSL connection on ::1.

Out side processes can ask what libNIMH ports are open, allowing a single port to be given out, to allow easier knowledge of what is on a system to be given out. As an alternative to being port scanned (though port scans would still likely occur).

A better /trans.*/ medical classification

Well, I really do not want to turn this into a /trans.*/ blog. I will probably make a rather non/trans.*/ next post.

I have been thinking on the idea of how Transsexuality would be best classified. Transsexuality from what I have for knowledge is the desire to go though MtF therapy complete with a decent transitional surgery.

The whole issue here, is marketing. How the disorder is classified.

If it is not listed as being anything particularly wrong with the person--that is "completely normal with just a slight quirk". People--especially people in positions in health care systems--will be less inclined to provide surgery for it. They would just as soon provide surgery for that person who whistles too much on the street.

It needs to be listed as an ailment in order to get treatment.

Naturally the classic idea has been to make this a mental illness. This is probably a bad idea.

Instead, let us go with life threatening birth defect. Think like a child being born with a tail, webbed feet or flippers instead of arms. Usually if these are not dealt with, it will usually lead to a more retarded physical development of the person. Leading them to not be as ready in their day to day life. In some cases, it has been noted that not repairing the birth defect of flipper arms can lead to complications from infection. Though, in that case, it may stem more from what caused the child to be born that way in the first place.

If it stays as a mental illness, there will be more people suggesting the idea of just giving transsexuals enough pharmaceutical drugs until the mental illness no longer bothers them.

For contrast, I am certain if somebody with a flipper, webbed feet and a tail were given enough psychotropics, they would pretty much stop caring about the situation they were in too. However, this would not allow them to be a functional member of the world we call society.

The move should be to move this over to a "life threatening physical deformity". While this would only enable health care coverage for treatment of extreme cases, I am fairly certain most people would find this acceptable.

This would allow or the hormone and transitional therapy be covered more as a form of "preparation physiotherapy" of sorts. With the final surgery being seen as, "hey, you would not stop him/her/it from getting a tumour removed, why not let this occur."

Rather than the current stigma that a lot of /trans.*/ receive, which is: they got depressed for whatever reason (somebody dumped them, lost their job, etc.--think emo blog material type stuff), and instead of moving on, they walk into the doctor's office and say "chop it off, I want to be Sally!"

The mental illness classification will not remove this in any way. It also does not help, that there are many people who pull that "depressed trip to the doctor's office to ask to be lopped off into a Sally". Most transsexuals know at least one--if they are lucky. Usually it is something that tends to piss of /trans.*/ of most kinds.

I mean, yes, there have been mental illnesses designed to restrict various groups over the years. Homosexuals were listed as mentally ill, because "sodomy" was thought to be an action harmful to another man. Black people had a few mental illnesses in the early starting point for such things as, "not wanting to be a slave" and "wanting to slack off every now and again". Though--looking at the current world, we have a nice equality here, as those mental illnesses have been spread out to include people of every colour, nationality and creed.

Not to take this off topic, but look at how people who "do not want to be held down" or "do not want to work their fingers to the bone their entire waking hour" seem to be seen as crazy or sick to most of us. There is a sign of jealous and envy--but these ideas are generally thought of as wrong.

Women, even have a few. Looking at most of the symptoms of bipolar and schizophrenia, it seems like it is geared from the start to target women. Bipolar's basic diagnosis defines of, "high points and low points on a cycle with mood swings intermittent"... which was nice that I had a doctor tell me that if this cycle is a month in length, it still is a sign of bipolar. As per Schizophrenia, most of what I have seen overly schizophrenic women do, I have sen undiagnosed women do at a similar rate, they just grow out of it. Perhaps a little bit more introverted to try to keep it to themselves.

Though--in this case, the idea of the mental illness being used to try to "control us" (for lack of a better description--does not imply the controllers have a clue what they are doing or any particular plan) is not entirely that accurate.

In this case, it is merely a life threatening birth defect that has had a symptom of mental stresses to the point of causing snapping points in some people.


Comment Spam's Real Purpose

I have an old blog. I do not think it is even public viewer able anymore. I mean I do not give the link to the domain it is on anymore. Then once you get into there, it is a directory listing. After navigating this listing to find the directory with the working version of the blog, there is a blog, with no major comments appearing on the first page.

To get to comments, you need to click a page or post.

Now, this old blog has not been updated since April 2007. Yes, I still get comments showing up in my moderation queue.

Roughly around Novembre 2009, I started clicking on a few links. The thing is, the links that they are heading to do not match the description.

Even more so, they tend to be also for dying or near dying projects. Sites that still need care to them. Usually these sites were for some fairly decent ideas and projects. Very rarely were they or scams or porn.

Then it hit me.

Comment spam exists only to lower a site's ranking in Google. There is nothing trying to be sold. Only vandalism of another company's service.

I kind of got suspicious when all the links were leading to other forum posts and other comments and not an actual site. Usually these rings of comments do not actually go to the stuff that the spam advertises. They just go to more comment spam.

Then we get into the issues that spam bots seem to prefer to target dead or dying websites. What is even worse, there is some idea in my head, that the more novel an idea, despite any issues they have in getting it forward, and the more that project is struggling, the more comment spam it starts to gain the attention from.

I then had a rather nice idea. This network of spam comments could be used against the companies trying to rank down that site's ranking in Google.

This would be done via plugin into a system that handles user interaction. Generally working via a post approval system. Possibly with a post tidying and reporting system on some really busy websites.

Once something has the spam target, it then is sent to the spam spider. The spam spider, will then go through the links on the site. Identifying what sites the comment spam links to, iding whether that site exists in the spam spider database already. With another "comment spam count" on it as well.

If it does not exist in the spam spider database, we wait until a threshold hits a certain amount of spam counts. It is then sent to somebody to review the site. The site is not designated by the comment field. The spam spider tries to find the base URL, and attempts to gather any relevant information on the site, via meta tags, link tags, bold/strong text, header tags, title tag and via the Vernacular System I plan to put into Kid Norrin.

This summary is given to the person reviewing the site, who then rates the accuracy of the summary--so as to try to grade the system presented. Mostly keeping track of origin of this comment spam link, xhtml/html validity, use of flash, the vernacular of the comment link, the vernacular of the site or images on the site, location of the entry's server, and if the comment had a IP Address attached, the region of the IP address.

I hope that eventually tags could be placed onto these sort of summaries for content material. Then once reviewed, the spam spider reviewer would flag it for public viewing.

And, this my friends is why I need to eventually put my code where my mouth is X3

Adblocker Negator

 I have been thinking of a system designed to work around ad block.

Ad block typically works by searching for various URLs in the page, in script, img and a tags. If items in the URLs match the ad block requirements, then the ad is blocked.

I did consider the idea of simply going with a new work. Like "gooble" for an ad script, or directory. However, it would be fairly quick to add that into the standard blocks.

Naw, what would need to be done, is an ad script location that constantly changes. Constantly modifies itself. Perhaps is constantly randomly generated.

Now, mod_rewrite scripts are full able to take a randomised URL, and point it to a file. The randomised URL could be pointed to match various predicted profiles of a user. Based on IP Address region of the world, suggested ad material, and various other factors. Each of these dynamics attracted would have several random URLs attached to them.

Now, to get the URL, a form of mash up would probably be best. The server the ad is on, would likely use a RESTful API to grab the domain and URL to post to the client. This would generally allow the next bit.

Random domain names. While analysing my spam, I noticed a fair amount of bot generated domain names. Usually these are made up of gibberish letters followed by dotcom, with a gibberish path afterwards.

I kind of suspect that these URLs exist as a form of HASH for the spam sent. As well as the email it targeted. So as to predict and propagate better spam tactics. See which emails gain better responses, to concentrate on those more, for this profile being targeted.

In this case, rather than posting a single throw away site, it would instead have a nice ngine based proxy to point the content on the site to come from the main server. Making the original IP address of the ad network transparent.

Trust me--this should start appearing soon. I am kind of surprised it has not already.

I dunno--I kind of imagine that if I was running spam bots, the internet would be much more scary.


Rosebush and moving over from Posterous

Yeah--I am now REALLY liking how Blogger works and operates in comparison to Posterous.

Yes, Posterous did offer the convenience of being able to email entries. However, emailed entries tended to have a large amount of issues in formating and tagging. They also had to be monkeyed with to be posted to the other networks. That is, an item would need to be sent to to get posted to Twitter. facebook@* for Facebook, etc.

I dunno--a few glitches could have been worked out. It also does not help that I never had any followers, nor did I really see anybody that I would want to follow. In comparison to twitter, tumblr and facebook. I dunno--it just kind of lonely.

Yes, there were a few regular people who would view my posts. I dunno--I rarely got more than 15 regular unique hits.

Add the void of Posterous and the general glitchiness of the functionality--I kind of tried out a few Blogger posts... and wow... I am in love with blogging again.

Now then--Rosebush. The item that will combine and replace my social networks. My goal to make NIMHLabs able to pull large amount of data from various social networks I am on, and put it in one place.

Rosebush will also make it easier to run the various items I desire to post onto my site. Typically these will be Source Books that I either have permission to post--or nobody really is going to question me on them, as the systems are not used for various reasons.

It will also contain a Pokedex, information on Rockman.EXE, The Mother Series--and a fair amount of data on various other games I am interested in.

Now before you suggest I go with a Wiki, I will say no. Even if I lock it down, Wiki's generally have formatting issues to them. Generally it makes it very hard to pull information from one item, and cross reference to another. Automatically posting information onto one Wiki page, for stats, generally does nothing to affects stats on another page.

Lets take TvTropes for example. A wonderful wiki. The issue is the tropes do not cross reference with the series. Posting a trope onto a series, does not put that series as an entry on the trope. Putting a series as an example on a trope, does not update that trope into the series.

This is a simple example, however this sort of thing tends to grow bigger and bigger on these sites. Making it worse by require manually adding data from one page to another.

That is why I do not want a Wiki for NIMHLabs.

There should be a few spots where user editable content may be present. Perhaps at some point. But NIMHLabs really should not run a Wiki.

It really does not help, that the main example of Wiki software people spooge over has some of the worst layout issues to its name. This being MediaWiki.

Open up a page in MediaWiki, using most of the layouts available. A fine layout, right? Okay--what do you click on the page? Is it in a decent spot?

My fixes would be:

  • Search bar at the top and left
  • Login information next to it
  • Links to edit, view history, watch or discuss the page moved to a shorter side bar. Login links go there. As would the "random page" link.
  • All those other links you see mucking up that layout? All those links that most people rarely, if ever use? All those links that generally add the idea of "what am I clicking on?"? They get moved to the footer of the page.
  • The license this page is under is moved to an easier to see spot on the page. If it is a CC page, move that information from the bottom of the page, to possibly the upper right.
I mean, yes--this could be fixed with a simple skin. However, this is layout. We also have to deal with update propagation and another fun thing:

Most wiki's do not have a tagging system to them. I mean, yes, a template can be added that identifies other pages that should be looked at. This however is a little bit too much for this to really be the best plan.

Look at the Boorus. Gelbooru, e621, Paheal.Net--heck look at a site known as the Overbooru. What has made them some of the best picture gallery sites out there? I mean--copious amounts of porn is not it. I mean--there are other systems that people do not bother with that provide this as well.

Tagging. Each image is tagged by the viewers with any tag that may arouse interest in the depiction, no matter how tasteless or crude the image depicted is. These tags help people find everything faster.

This kind of is part of what I want Rosebush to have. Pages will be tagged, and then items in the page will be linked in a form of what would cause the Wikiwalk effect in anybody viewing the site.

This is generally increased, when I plan to add various written works to the site. Mostly in articles, howtos, stories and dreams I have had to the site. I also want to add a copy of ESR's Jargon File onto NIMH Labs. The Jargon File will likely be user edited.

The subject matter, I want to get with this site, is, well, mostly stuff on graphic design, programming and literature. Subject matter designed to allow you to more critically look at the world around you. Be able to look at advertisements, point out stop value, presentation of need and fulfillment of need show in the ad. To be able to point out how ads work. Literature would mostly be to help you understand how English works. Why and how various stories are written like they do and are. Programming as a means of learning how computers work and why. This would likely require a fair amount of history on this site too. Naturally the Legal System would also be a requirement of NIMH Labs to be covered.

However, while I am doing this, I would need to demonstrate that I do know stuff here. That I am not just another Foghorn Leghorn blabbing on at the mouth on something.

Which is why, I need to program a few things, draw a few comics and write a few stories as I am doing this.

Also, as I go though doing the literature--my plans are to have it annotated. That is, various items could be rolled over, and a little dialog would show above it, noting a few annotated elements on that item. Possibly, with a set of cliff notes presented from annotations, should this get user edited.

The issue is--well... the basis of the project, right now is Pylons. Though--it is generally a pain for me to work with here. I mean--if I were to try to code this from scratch I would have a clue as to how to do it. However the actual coding would "take longer than if I did it with Pylons" (if I really could figure out Pylons), and "would benchmark much slower than Pylons" (which I am likely to agree there).

The issue here is it is the same issue with RoR, Zope, and Catalyst.

I mean--these "simple" scaffolding systems have gotten to the point of impeding development for me. I mean, yes, I run a single command and most of the files I need to do this are automatically generated. However, the amount of editing I would need to do anyways kind of defeats any gain by the auto-gen. I mean, even then, what is generated is most of the time, only template files with nothing of interest in them anyways. May as well be done via scrap.

It also does not help that, to be frank, documentation sucks on RoR and Pylons. I mean, if there was more to read on how to do anything with it--rather than a few simple scripts on Pylon's site, with links to other sites, and me generally having no idea on how the developers were thinking of doing stuff when they put the stuff all together (it was "lightly" touched on in the Pylon's docs).

And even Pylon's ruefully lack of documentation is a lot better than RoR. Which did not have any documentation on it what so ever. You'd think with a language that brought about rdoc, people would be a lot more anal about commenting their work. Generally every rdoc generated library of documentation mostly consists of the modules and function names. Very rarely is the purpose, use, functionality of any of the entries explained. It relies on me thinking like the programmer was at the time of making the library, and grepping through source files given for how each function was implemented.

Trust me: when this is how people learn, you get a lot of people using your library VERY wrong. Usually getting bad programs, that while they do work, they are generally fundamentally wrong in how they were designed to operate. Incidentally, most of the libraries that propagate this ruby phenomenon further tend to be fundamentally wrong in how the use their libraries and work and operate.

Ruby could have been a much better language. Really it could have. That is, if people actually documented how to use what they build in it better. This, unfortunately, has caused much reinvention of the wheel in Ruby.

Catalyst I would use--however I am still having issues with cpan properly installing it on Dreamhost. Pylon only got used due to Python's ability to do "easy_install" to grab something from cheese shop, without whatever I am installing to screw up for some reason. Usually the fixes for these screw ups tend to be, "something is wrong with your cpan configuration. Fix it and then ask me again", "I dunno" and "oh, it should just install, if you type in the command"

I have complained in the past about cpan generally functioning horridly. I have tried it again--and well... if functions slightly better. Kind of like how a chimpanzee with a lobotomy does function better than a comatose patient with an IQ less than a tomato.

I will however, begin work on Jerl 6 soon. Provided that nobody who actually has competence has you know, done their job rather than wait for me to do something.

I dunno, projects I currently have on my slate for 2010:
  • Rosebush & NIMH Labs
  • KidRadd.Org
  • Street Slifer
  • SSBZ (this has been upgraded to being done by the end of 2010)
  • libNIMH
  • Kid Norrin
  • Mofo Online
  • P*DA ZX
  • Geist
  • Lamia Browser

It has been a real kick out of me being out of commission for the first three months of the year, due to hypothermia. Though, I am back on my feet, and kicking.

Here we go!

Why Nintendo Kicked Square Out of their Good Graces: The Alternative Truth

As we are all aware, when Nintendo released the Nintendo 64, relations with Square kind of took a nose dive. It should also be known that the last decent Final Fantasy game was for a Nintendo system. Final Fantasy seemed to keep getting more crap like with each installment from number seven on. Now, was it so much that Square left Nintendo in disgust of their cartridge system? Or perhaps Square felt Nintendo was being too limiting on the games they could make.

As we all know, Nintendo at least tries to make their games resemble a quality game for the whole family. At least... out side of Japan anyways.

It was during discussions of what Final Fantasy 7 would entail that Nintendo and Square had their big dispute. Generally listed that Square wanted to "do more on a game than the system would allow."

Now, let us suppose that the System here is not the N64 cartridge limitations--which were not nearly as severe as people make them out to be. Consider what all was done with LoZ: OoT and LoZ: MM. We STILL have people tearing though the code for those games and finding new stuff. Including a few things that were just thrown in as junk. Like the reports of code for Arwings and a Pirate Ship in OoT. OoT was in development for some time--and it was fairly impressive how they set it up.

Likely Square was talking to Nintendo about Cloud and some of the other characters in Final Fantasy 7. You know Cloud, Mr. "I cut myself, because I only know I am still alive if I hurt."

The writers likely presented Cloud and a few other characters--and the concept of Aeris dying to Nintendo, and I really doubt they would have any of it. I mean, if they had stayed, there would have been a quest to revive Aeris. And Cloud would have been a lot more chipper and happy in the game. Perhaps generally enjoying life--for just as little reason as Cloud currently is a--to put it simply: an Emo bastard.

I mean, yes, he did seem to have developed and got better by the end of Final Fantasy 7, only to have had the writer's decide that merely was a high point in his otherwise overly chemically depressed life.

Now then, compare this to other Nintendo Characters:

Mario is a large over weight plumber. Generally looks about as ugly as something that gets his face smacked in with a shovel every third day. He has a happy simple life. Gets hit on by trannies (like Birdo or Vivian)--and has a few Princesses shove him around, generally being various teases. Including Peach who instead went to "her" (see last blog entry) kidnapper for a relief.

Then to Link. If anybody has any right to be emo, it is Link. Link generally starts off every game with his parents killed off in some fashion, and an evil entity out to kill all his friends and people he cares about. Followed by this evil entity poisoning the land he grew up in. Then he usually has to grab three tokens followed by seven tokens to even see him. Yes, he does get some decent weapons--but he generally starts off his every incarnation getting the short end of the rope.

Never mind the four Legend of Zelda CDi games that he has to him. Samus Aran, Mario and Fox McCloud do not even have this to them. Oh--right... you only know about the first three. The fourth LoZ CDi game, known as The Death Disk colloquially, is said to be a component in the Necronomicon for the summoning of the final days, where the elder things from worlds outside our comprehension shall rise from the depths, and feast on us all. The Death Disk is currently being guarded in secret. The lucky ones are the first to be eaten, should any body find the Death Disk.

Kidding about fictional games aside--if anybody has any right of Nintendo mascots to be an emo kid, it would be one of Link's many incarnations. Though, I doubt any Emo kid would be known for the lines associated with Link from the old cartoon, such as: "weeeeeeeeell, excuuuuuuuse me princess."

I mean, and then Link also has Navi for a reoccurring character. If I had Navi even appear in my life, I would probably start talking about how I want to kill myself and being all depressed. I mean, seriously--living with Navi is probably a lot better reason to do emo blogs on livejournal than anything else I can think of.

And yet--nobody can possibly think of Link and Emo--until now. Eris damnit! I just invoked Rule 34 on Emo Link--probably mixed in with Shadow Link. If you desire to kill me, this would be another very good reason to do so. I am personally surprised with the sheer lack of lynch mobs in my life. I am going to need to change this.

Next, we move onto Fox McCloud. His father was shot down by his father's wingman. His father exists only in a state of his own mind, where every now and then, Fox will hallucinate his father coming to help him. Or sometimes this element in his mind will be used against him, by entities with telepathic powers, such as the Aparoids.

Now, Fox has not had much for games. His first game was on the SNES, which he seemed fairly calm and confident. Able to choose his path. The second game, Star Fox 2, was never released. It looked like it may have been a fairly decent and well done game.

Then Star Fox 64 was a remake, of sorts, of Star Fox. With some differences to the comic made of Star Fox. The Star Fox comic had Fox McCloud going on all three routes to try to get to Andross generally getting a lot of collateral damage done on his home, the Lylat System. Even then, in Star Fox 64 there are a lot of remnants of a really fierce war. Fox pretty much grew up in a war torn home.

I mean--this kind of puts Fox McCloud on a similar level to child soldiers in Africa.

Next game, he meets the love of his life, Krystal. Then has to deal with a Borg-like enemy consuming the Lylat system with technology that was hard to really face. There was a lot more that could have been lost in that war.

Then we move onto his involvement in Star Fox: Command Missions. Generally having a lot of character development elements show up in the game. Even at one point, with Krystal going off to join Star Wolf--his arch nemesis.

And yet, Fox does not seem Emo. If anything, he seems to be a little bit gruffer around the edges after this. Rather than blog about it on the Lylat Equivalent to live journal, he is more likely to kick somebody's ass in a bar fight. Orrr... go on a hot steamy date with Falco. I am personally waiting for this to show up as canon myself. As it is, there is no sign of any form of torrid love affair between Falco and Fox out side of slash fiction.

It really does not help, that Star Fox games generally tend to be few and far between. I personally love the series.

Next we move onto Samus Aran. Samus Aran has no idea who her parents were. They were killed long ago by a space pirate raid. She was left alive to be raised by the Chozo. Which she then went on to get her revenge mission, and become a well known bounty hunter.

While she may lament about fallen allies in Fusion--I must admit, I never really saw her as Emo. More just likely to kick your ass for looking at her the wrong way. But then, this was never a series I particularly enjoyed. I enjoyed Metroid on the NES--it has been a while since I played Metroid 2. Super Metroid I generally consider very over rated, and really, not worth my time. Metroid Fusion I got stuck in--there was a puzzle that refused to be solved. This puzzle is never able to be solved any time I head there either in the game. Metroid Prime, I am staying away from until I can find a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy. Though--even then, I have never really been that interested in FPS, after all the really bad FPS I have seen over the years.

Then we have Metroid: Other M, and Metroid: Zero Mission, that I may check out--but well, I just cannot get into the Metroid series. I also really do not get why people are such huge fans of it. I just do not see the connection people have with it.

But then, I also consider Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past one of the biggest scrap heaps I have ever had the misfortune to play. Generally looking like an NES game, with only minor increases in functionality for the SNES. The graphics look horrible, even by other SNES games of a similar release date. I mean, compare the graphics in Sword of Mana (originally a SNES game) and Secret of Mana to LoZ:LttP. This is without going into what we found the system to really be capable of, when they released Yoshi's Island and Kirby's Dreamland 3. Kirby's Dreamland 3 generally having better graphics and much nicer look to it than Kirby 64: the Crystal Shards.

Also, around the same time as the release of the N64, Pokemon would have been gearing up. Creating Nintendo's mouse mascot we all know: Pikachu. The idea of Pokemon is the world is filled with monsters that generally could destroy you by breathing on you. There are many Pokedex entries about Pokemon who can destroy entires cities and militia forces in their general goals. You play as an 10/11 year old kid, who runs around, and shoves these monsters in tiny little capsules. I mean, I just want to see them try an Emo protagonist with this game. I honestly do not want to know it is possible though. I mean, even Wes, who was 17 did not seem Emo. Well, not to me anyways.


So--I dunno it just seems that very Square was going with the Final Fantasy series. Particularly FF7, FF8, FFX and FFX-2, may not have been a direction that Nintendo would have been happy with. If they did stay with Nintendo, the series likely would have ended up being way different than how we know it. Even without technology constraints measured in.

Super Mario Sisters: Your Plumber's Life in the Dirty Streets of the Mushroom Kingdom

Okay--now then. the Mario Bros series may be a little bit hard to follow. Here is a little set of clip notes to help you understand this world and series a little bit better.

You start off with Mario and Luigi. Two Brooklyn  plumbers who are ethnically Italian, for some odd reason. Mario and Luigi are fraternal twins. They found themselves, somehow, in the Mushroom Kingdom, where they are the only human people there.

Well, except for Wario. Mario's OTHER twin brother. And Wario's twin brother Waluigi. Though, there is doubt as to whether Waluigi exists and anything other than a hallucination by Wario. Which is a very entertaining idea to follow. As Waluigi does not really appear in many games at all.

So, we have four twins. This without the "evil twin" villain that has appeared in various of the RPG titles. Usually an enemy disguising themselves as Mario.

Next we have Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, both of whom where born and were residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. Kind of screwing with Mario and Luigi's already highly held back story. Mostly held by a fair amount of outside media that Nintendo spread around prior to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. This appearing in The Super Mario Brothers Super Show and the Mario Brothers cartoon that was created, independently from Captain Lou Albino, in Japan.

Okay, you have this all settled, good.

Now, we meet Mario's first love. Princess Pauline. Mario saved Princess Pauline from Donkey Kong several times. Eventually Mario ends up putting Donkey Kong in a cage, and Donkey Kong Jnr. comes and rescues his daddy. Placing Mario as a villain in a game.

Next, Mario moves onto rescuing Princess Peach Toadstool from King Bowser Koopa. Princess Pauline is dropped like last night's spaghetti and spicy meat-a-balls. Rarely mentioned from here on. Generally, Princess Peach is the damsel for all the games, up until the Wii games. Then we get Princess Rosalina for our damsel.

So why not move onto the Koopa family. Currently, the known members are King Bowser Koopa, the Koopa Kids, and Bowser Jnr. Bowser Jnr. is noted as King Koopa and Peach's love child. Though, when Mario confronts Bowser, Bowser Jnr. and Peach about this, Peach says it is not "her" kid.

Now then, we go to the Koopa Kids. Where do they come from? I mean--it is not like Bowser really has a harem or anything. I mean--"he" is always after Princess Peach. Well, one game does have the Koopa Kids call Bowletta mom. Also known as: Bowser in drag. Though, Bowser having large amounts of anonymous sex as a girl with fully working reproductive organs WOULD explain their appearance. In lieu of any other seemingly reasonable explaination.

Now, this leads the question of where did Bowser Jnr. come from? If Bowser is a girl, and Peach is a girl...

Did I mention that Peach is rarely the damsel in distress on games from the Wii forward. Peach has also been the hero of one game where she saved Mario and Luigi from Bowser.

We also have seen various games where Peach has disguised herself in various situations to get somewhere she wanted to be. Though, this ability to sneak out with disguises seems to not appear consistently. Possibly because the Peach persona she has taken the show with, is one she enjoys the most.

Bowser Jnr's mother is actually Bowser--his/her father is Princess Peach. This kind of sort of hints as to what that rather odd talk Bowser and Bowser Jnr would need to have after the end of Super Mario Sunshine.

It also raises questions as to why TEC from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, was so interested in Peach. The Pervy computer's perv factor has just jumped up a few levels.

It is not like the first time there has been /trans.*/ characters in Mario Brothers. Vivian is a male, who generally flirts with everybody in the game he is in. In Japan and a few other regions, his flirting is taken just fine, with no major issues. However, outside of Japan, Nintendo did not think that Vivian was quite the image they wanted to spread. So Vivian got his MtF transitional surgery outside of Japan.

This is without going into the Birdo issues. Birdo was noted in the manual of his debue game as being a guy, but wore a bow, and insisted everybody refer to him as "her". This manual, revealing Birdo to be a drag queen, cross dresser or transgendered, was recalled shortly after it was put out. He was only returned to this status, after he hooked up with Yoshi. A character generally referred to as male, despite having fully functional reproductive organs. Nintendo, decided to start going with the idea of referring to Birdo as male, and Yoshi as female. As the idea of a /trans.*/ lesbian couple seems really weird to most people. It is either those of Birdo is a girl, and Yoshi is constantly mpreg.

I mean, it is fully possible that Peach is just a really convincing Ladyboy. Try playing Super Princess Peach with this idea. Helps if you have seen enough cartoons and comics depicting this happenstance. Hayate Combat Butler is a popular one I hear. There are many many more.

Naturally when Peach ended up finally getting close with Mario, doing more than bake him some cake--which was not known to be a lie at this point in history. Since then, scientific research has indicated that yes, the cake is, in fact, a lie. Finally Mario got the truth--all twelve inches of it. Peach rarely needs to tuck it. However, when she does tuck it in, she does do a remarkably good job of it. This does explain greatly why dresses are an issue in New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

So now Mario is after Princess Rosalina--with I guess Peach still in the story as Bowser Jnr's deadbeat father. Though, this would explain her kidnappings now. Bowser just wants to talk about alimony and child payments.

And that is my post, ensuring your nightmares have been kept booked for the next week. Well, some of you, this will result in a few wet dreams... perverts.


Justification for this Blog

I dunno. Having a few issues getting stuff to work with this blag.

Typically, I normally would just ship something onto Posterous, and have that ship stuff everywhere. However, it seems that the Posterous posts are not showing up in my blog's main feed for others to look at.

It is somewhat annoying.

So, I need to think of something to post onto this blog. Various topic ideas include:

  • Current grippings and concerns about the world. Think like LiveJournal--only just a little bit more pathetic as I would be the only one whining here.
  • Boss Battle of the week. This was mentioned at an D&D group. The idea of setting up a room and boss character for that room. While I do not knw D&D well enough to pull this off, there are other systems out there that I could make use of my knowledge in.
  • Movie Reviews. A regular movie review covering various items and aspects of it.
  • Game Reviews. The same as the above, possibly drawing from stuff in my GamerDNA posts.
  • Book Reviews.... this however is somehow different. Completely and totally above all else.
  • Annotated game plays.
You know? How about I just do all of those?