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The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Life Sucks

Okay, you know what? FINALLY I got a decent year in my life. A nice year that is a break. I mean, usually I would be glad to live such a year... and it is only August. Yes.. my wonderful year I shall describe to you right now.

First off, new years eve, I get hypothermia. I spent most of the time changing my clothes, taking hot showers, under blankets--with my heater on. I just could not feel warm for about two weeks. My apartment was a steaming sauna, that would choke most people at the time. However, for two weeks, I always felt damned cold. I had no energy. I could barely get up and walk around.

I try to get my ass together on the fifteenth. Try to start work on all that wonderful stuff I wanted to do this year. I did... every now and then. However for those first three months, I felt mostly like crap. No, wait, I have felt like crap--that felt like Nirvana compared to this. I wanted to get moving. I wanted to do stuff. I just did not have the energy to make it possible. I was, well, weak as a kitten for most of it.

To make things worse, on January 26th, I heard a woman screaming bloody murder outside my apartment about some man after her. Nobody was paying any attention to this. I ended up going outside, in my underwear, leggings and a jacket. Wielding a toy pair of nunchucks, hoping it would scare him--or at least have him laughing so hard at how ridiculous it looked, I could get the situation worked out.

I ended up walking around with these people. Doing my best to stay warm--but only barely succeeding. I did my best to resolve the situation... it never was resolved.

I mean, I continued to help people--even though, my Landlord said that he would evict me for wild drug parties after I offered a hungry man some food. He actually said that if I feed this person, it means that he will be evicting me for having wild drug parties.

It was also January, that I fired my mental health staff. As while I would have kept them on--they kind of were pushing to have me on medication, that was killing me. I do not mean in the usual way a mental health patient thinks being normal is death.. or something (I do not understand that thought really)... no, I was experiencing side effects and drug overdose symptoms that make most ER doctors cringe at their descriptions. I was on half my recommended dosage. The doctor said I should still be taking it.

I kind of questioned him. Tried to find out why I had the diagnosis of bipolar. I have been trying to figure that out all of 2009. As it seems each and every one of my more bipolar symptoms have been caused directly by the treatment I was getting for it. I had been off this medication since August 2009. I was not seeing any major mania or depression that was not somehow caused by some other force.

This also means, that I had the mental health worker who was controlling my funds let off as well.

Let us just summarise this persons ability to do their job: They are working for the Provincial Government.

Any time, I had to have a bill paid, food to eat--or general basic necessities. This worker has generally had issues coming through. Every thing I asked this person, would have some screw up made about it. I may as well have my funds to a crack dealer.

When she was fired, she had to transfer various account information, billing addresses and what not.

While I was also still recovering from nearly freezing to death on New Years Eve, I had to go out, and sort out this person's crap. As from my understanding, she really did nothing, except redirect my cheques and bills to an address I have not even lived at for two years, and ended a few programs... and I tended to spend the first half of the year, cleaning up after her big ass dump.

Which would not be as bad, if I had a working fridge. You see, my apartment had a wonderful fridge. It merely kept the food one degree below ambient temperature. Meaning, most of my food, I may as well have left out on the counter. I had tried telling my landlord, to get it fixed. Usually with him ignoring it... until it started to make a grinding noise even he could hear.

What was even better, I had bought a month's worth of groceries, put them into the fridge and freezer. Was told I could not get it fixed for three days. Great--I just wasted a load of money on stuff that goes bad a lot quicker now. Usually I could freeze it in the freezer, and have it rot in two days in the fridge. So between me fixing a lot of screw ups of my Provincial Government Hired financial advisor, and a loss of an entire months food, I am now really screwed up.

The fridge is fixed, and a few days later, I get a strange noise and the smell of burnt rubber. I flip the breaker and phone the landlord. The landlord comes over, I inform him of the strange noise, the burnt rubber smell, and that I flipped the breaker. He immediately goes to the fridge. Says he does not hear a noise. To which I point out the breaker has been flipped. I told him that as he entered.

He then, to dispute the rubber smell, walks over to a frying pan that I had burned something in, trying to claim THAT was the origin of the rubber smell.

"No, I can assure you, that is burned sugar. It smells nothing like burning rubber."

"There are all sorts of strange smells in this kitchen, how can you tell what smells are from where?"


Instead, I stayed quiet. I got a new fridge about a few days later.

BTW, while I did not have money to get food, I now have a fridge that works. Woohoo! A step fvcking up!

The thing is, I get somebody in to inspect my apartment. I clean it up. I however, get knocked as not up to standards due to three things wrong:

  1. I am unable to pull out the fridge and stove, and thus behind them was dirty. I was told they just slide out, even though empirical evidence shows trying to do so, just make me look like an idiot.
  2. There was a horrible smell coming from my sink... which I pointed out, had the Landlord did something to fix the plumbing, it would have stopped.
  3. I have a fire hazard that is composed of cardboard and old clothing.
I learned that apparently, if I put cloth next to cardboard, the flash point becomes negative five degrees centigrade or some shit, and BOOM! INSTANT FIRE!

The thing is... my landlord is nuts. He appears to hallucinate odd stuff and what not. He has this idea that I run screaming up and down the halls. He complains about noises that are not there. Such as a fan that is never turned on. Or pipes rattling in my walls. Or that my heater is leaking... even though, I do not ever turn my heater on. The only time I did was in January because I kind of nearly froze myself to death.

He then takes these noises to do emergency entrances into my apartment. Which he never reports by the way. So that at the end of June, when I mentioned that he does this, to the people he answers to, I was just told I was hysterical.

Even worse, he got me committed at the end of June, because he reported:
  1. Never sleeping (I do not understand why people do not understand that I do sleep)
  2. Running up and down the halls screaming
  3. Odd noises coming from my apartment at all times
  4. Odd chemical smells from my kitchen stove.
  5. Stinks coming from my kitchen sink.
  6. Wild drug parties
  7. Poor personal hygiene
  8. Eradicate behaviour
  9. Stuff arranged in a fire hazard type way

There was likely why they thought I was smoking meth, when I showed up at the mental hospital. I spent all of two weeks there, as the staff kind of started wondering why I was there. As I was nothing like what I was getting reported on.

GAH! Maybe it is because my landlord makes crap up.

Never mind he spent a large amount of money to gas my apartment for bugs, and REFUSED TO BELIEVE THE PEST CONTROL WORKER WHO SAID THERE WAS NO SIGN OF BUGS EVER IN THE APARTMENT!


It gets better. Because I was committed on the time my rent was to be paid, by his own faulty reports. This past August I was asked to appear at some odd place to do a settlement out of court for my inability to pay my rent. The evidence on the charges was poor constructed shullbit. I was also unable to make it there. Which would be fine, if there was some line I could mention that I could not make it.

Nope, no such line existed. I tried phoning the only number they gave. It linked me to a machine, on information on their group.

I mean, now I have to pay for the costs of that being set up (I would have had to anyways), and I have to pay my rent on time, or face immediate eviction. Why?

Well, my apartment is unsanitary. The only reason listed is that it smells bad. Which again, is the landlord's fault, due to a broken fridge that was never fixed. And my plumbing that he refuses to look at. Kindly saying to just clean up my sink, and it will stop spewing up stuff from the drain.

The beautiful thing is: I am the crazy person here. This landlord is somebody that everybody in the building knows he is nuts. He is completely mental. Yet, we are the crazy ones here.

However, when I point out, that I have my own under wear go missing, and woke up in May with a large cum shot on my face... left shoulder and left elbow. And that my building manager is the only other person with keys, and is known to make often emergency entrances for what amounts to really poor excuses. Usually only to have me wake up, to him looking through my laundry pile... well, I am obviously going through a manic episode and should take medication to remove my thoughts of grandiose.

I have a large muscle man, who lives next door, making poor excuses to go through my laundry pile. And I am being told be medicated, because it bothers me!

This is the same person, who sees bugs everywhere, that really do not exist outside his head. Kind of on the level of a recovering heroin addict I know for his reactions to these invisible terror. Hears noises that are not being made. Hears people running up and down the halls screaming. Assumes that if young people are causing issues, that I am, somehow, associated with them, if not the ring leader.

And everybody in the building knows he is fvcking nuts. However, most of these people are also being treated for mental illnesses themselves. So, I am certain, that if they were to complain, they'd get the same results I would. That I am just crazy and hallucinating this crap--and perhaps I should start taking meds for my bipolar.

Essentially, I have learned, that if a girl, complains that a large man is taking underwear from her laundry pile and is worried that the one morning she woke up with a cum shot on her face, this means she needs to medicated for being bipolar.


I mean, I also had to deal with a break up with a rather psychotic girl this year as well. As well as the fact my Mom is so psychotic she is now useless as a resource, as well, I have no idea which person I am talking to with Mom. And only some of them remember what I said, or the issues I have had. I have however managed to clear things up with my Dad.

I also got a bed this July. As all of this year, I spent sleeping on the floor.

The thing is: this is the best and least screwed up year I have had in nearly two decades. I mean, the last time I had a year with this little issue I would have had to been ten years old. I mean--seventeen years of screwed up crap--and this one is probably the easiest.

I dunno--I am not looking forward to the Fall. As either things are getting better... or I got a lot of catching up to do, for my relatively easy year.

Either way, I am really wanting to move out, and would love to find a roommate, that I could split the rent on another place I would get.

I mean--I really do not care how psychotic my room mate is anymore. I am certain that as long as he or she is honest in what they are doing, I should have less of an issue with it.

DO NOT Masturbate while watching Jim Henson's Labyrinth

Okay... I do some pretty weird and odd things. Yes. At one point, I put on some Internet porn, while playing Jim Henson's Labyrinth. It was another Tuesday for me--and I figured, I am a little bit bored. Maybe I will motivate myself with some dirty stories, that is Erotic Fiction. I had put Jim Henson's Labyrinth on a bit prior. I was half watching it.. but really, that is all I have to do with that movie. I really do not think I missed much.

As well, it was a movie from before movies decided that the need to change camera angles and scenes fast enough to give small dogs seizures.

So, thanks to newer movies ruining me, by their flashing a scene for five seconds then onto another one like they were targeted for people with severe ADD, I was generally able to quickly see the wonderful and beautiful scenes in the movie. They truly were nice btw.

I was also able to load up some erotic fiction to try to release some pressure that tends to build up naturally. The movie was helping slow the build up. We have a stupid girl, who thinks she is more clever than she is. Kind of reminds me of some all blog writers. We have a David Bowie wandering around, essentially being the girls subconscious side of her mind. One that is merely there to keep her from her goal.

Girl has a really fvcked up mind. I mean, yes, I am certain I do have David Bowie running around in my head--but I understand it is because I am screwed up.

So, I am going into a fantasy or two. It is the internet, and erotic fiction covers all targets. Well, it covers a few that require the writer have some knowledge of biology before working on it.

I am going through it--imagining my little fantasy world, where sex is perfect. There are no issues... when the movie starts to pop in and interrupt. No... no... I can just ignore the fact we have a rather freaky looking David Bowie singing for a kid that he is going to turn into a Goblin. I can shut that out, while I explore.

Well, turns out I could not. I got off in my fantasy world, without much interference that time.

However, every time, I have tried to think about sex... David Bowie enters my head Labyrinth style.

I mean--maybe I should just accept this and make a sexual sort of fantasy out of it.

How about... no!!

I mean, I did consider the idea that doing this would have me get turned on during watching Labyrinth. I have a friend, that I had a threesome with, while watching Sweeney Todd. Who now gets an erection EVERY time he sees the movie. This same friend, I had another threesome with while he was playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. No word on if that has made him get an erection at Legend Zelda games, young Zelda or young link. Or at the mention of forest stones. Me and his girlfriend kind of jumped him during the first speech Link and Zelda have, after he sneaks into that spot.

I mean, I am cool with getting hot when watching the movie. Or even when looking at David Bowie.

No... what really freaks me out, is when I am trying to have a nice peaceful, estrange sexual fantasy that breaks several taboos and quite possibly immoral, I suddenly have cast members from Jim Henson's Labyrinth show up.

It makes me feel guilty about what I am doing, and a bad person. Considering the actions in these fantasies WOULD make me a bad person, should I lose the ability to tell fantasy from reality--I really do not appreciate the added guests in the fantasy. GAH! Thank you David Bowie, you ruined sex for me!



GAH! Okay--it is VERY rarely that a news story gets me pissed off enough that I am going to use my one tool to STOP PEOPLE BEING WRONG ON THE INTERNETS.

Because if it is one thing we cannot have, it is wrong people on the interwebs.

So, I am just going to unload this onto the the truck of the internet... well no wait--my colleague just said it is closer to a series of tubes.

Anyways--who is wrong today... why none other than the people all in awe of Transsexual Rappers. You know, the Sissy Bouncers.

New York Times Pretends to Cover Sissy Bouncers

Okay, first off: I do not care if you are a Xtain Nazi Midget Newt who is doing the rap. Or if you are gay, trans or what not.

If I enjoy your music, I am (generally) open enough to understand that you might have different views of the world in contrast to mine. Besides, if you are wrong, I do have a blog, which is of course the correct tool to correct wrong people on the Internets. Which is okay. It rarely is something that overly affects your end product. Just look at all the great writers and composers over the years. Some of them were very sick, sick twisted bastards.

Convsersely, I would ask, that if I were transsexual, that simply because you are also transsexual and making this item, not to automatically assume I am going to enjoy or really say anything other than, "that is nice."

Okay--now that this aside... let us go over a few issues.

Why in Eris' prickle orange name would I think Rap is homophobic. Personally I think Eminem is probably one of the most gayest rappers out there. Personally I am waiting for Eminem to appear on the MTV Music awards and do a messy open mouthed kiss with Elton John. After the crap about how too girls trying to kiss on camera--and finding it may not be for them, and was a bit awkward as being "edgy".

That was never edgy. However, I am fairly certain Eminem doing a sloppy open mouth kiss with Elton John would definitely, in my deranged mind, would be edgy.

Though, if Eminem did that, it would still not confirm he is gay to me. As well--his main shtick is, that he is a shock artist that gives the audience what they want. You know, that whole "What you say I am" thing he did on his second LP.

Either way, considering how many groups we have that are your atypical rap group doing the stuff--that is anything that are not white and black people born and raised in suburbia for the most part--having people who are gay, lesbian, bi, /trans.*/, allied or any of the wonderful other labels that make the Pride Rainbow into a wonderful alphabet soup do it really does not seem odd to me.

Now, if we had Molly the Rapping Sheep, THAT would be something I would love to see a news story on.

Okay--next detail... performing at a sports bar.. okay that is... in New Fvcking Orleans?!?!?

I thought that had sunk and was currently next to Atlantis? Dammit! Well Hurricane Season IS coming up again.

Well, lets see, we have some people that are part of the Pride community, performing in probably the most open city in the continent, save for San Franfvckingsisco. I mean, I am fairly certain that if California were to sink into the ocean and New Orleans somehow was high enough above water to still hold a population (maybe set up a glass dome around it? This IS the 21st Century and all--we were suppose to get glass dome cities weren't we?), I am fairly certain no other city could easily compare with New Orleans to hold the role San Fransisco once held.

As well, the glass dome option is not as real of one for San Fransisco, as it requires a form of foundation that is not currently situated on a major fault.

So, okay, we have Sissy Bouncers, performing a genre that already has plenty of atypical entries in it (that is people who have not grown up in suburbia who have some weird sets of delusions about their street cred and make up ridiculous stories about being shot eight times before making it in rap), in the second most open city to their gender and sexual orientations on the continent.


But no... but no--who gives me this revolutionary news story? Twitters @TGWorldNews

Okay--you know what? This is a typical Web 3.0 thing they do. The comb through twitter, and find all the transgendered stuff people are really loving. Which there are plenty of people who think this is a wonderful concept.

Consider this having me add a Web 3.0 tag to my blog entries. I normally append stuff with "fail" on this subject... but well with Web 3.0's rather revolutionary retarded idea of "the sampling wisdom of crowds", prepending "fail" to Web 3.0 tags would be redundant.

But then, for some reason, I missed out on why one million people are less able to be idiots than one person.


Damn it! Handle Store Owners Better


This is why people follow you around as trouble makers in stores. YOU CONFIRM IT TO THEM!

Okay, I have two friends, who generally have people following them around like trouble makers. Which okay--I have never really seen them get into trouble. Usually the store owners will peg them as trouble makers right away. Which, you know--generally store owners come up to me, usually at first, like I am a huge ass trouble maker.

However, I react a lot differently from these two. One will just sneer and get ticked off--generally act all irritated with the store owner.

The other will react right away. Start screaming her head off. She is not a trouble maker and all that other stuff. Not only that, but the store is some kind of "insert derogatory term". Be it prep, or nigger, or coon, or kyke or wop--or... I mean... okay... I think you just justified his watching you in the store.

I mean--just looking at how differently I handle these people working in the stores in comparison to these two... no fvcking wonder they get watched and I generally get along with the people.

Okay, my tips for not getting bitched out by people--and getting extra in stores.


Typically, even if the service is lousy, if it is an option, give the person a tip of some kind. Even after the first tip, you will notice the service going up quite a bit. As the service goes up, increase how much you tip.

The beautiful thing is--people working at these places generally keep track of who tips the best. Generally giving them better service than the people that do not tip.

Heck, I have ordered a Pizza that was suppose to take fourty five minutes to get to my place, but because I was known to be the kind to tip, I got it in 25 minutes. I of course gave him a better tip--as he pretty much got there in half the time I expected.

The person in the store or restaurant is a person.

Treat them as such. Chat them up. Ask them about what kind of day it has been so far. Treat them nicely--if possible. If you do not have something you should, or you move too slowly, apologise. Thank them. Be polite. More and all, even if it is some fifteen year old working at a till in a McDonald's, they are still a person--and deserve your respect.

If they are irritated, just assume it has been a bad day, and they have had to deal with fvckwads for customers for most of it. Be nice to them, apologise--generally state wishes that there day gets better.

Heck, defend them from other bitchy customers. You will usually be able to spot which ones are generally just whiners. Since you are also a customer, call the other customer on it. As generally these people bitching and moaning tend to make things go slower. Very rarely do they have a legitimate excuse and typically it was there own mess that they are blaming the worker on.

For example, one person, taking a cab, parked the cab, outside a restaurant, then went in--ordered his stuff. Then starts complaining because the people in the drive thru got a higher priority in getting the food. Generally complaining about how his required payment on his cab, that he went into the restaurant for, is going way to far up--because the drive thru had higher priority.

Ask the worker for their recommendations

The person working there has it as their job to be near this stuff all day long. Ask what they'd recommend today. If you are having issues getting a third item on the menu, or some in store item they'd recommend--just ask them about that stuff. Typically you must be ready to buy this stuff too.

Do not talk to the store worker, unless you are certain you can make a purchase.

Yeah, this appears to be something that should be obvious. If you do not have the money to buy something, do not go up to the counter and ask where all the fancy crap is. I mean, okay, I have not worked much for retail jobs (none really), but even I can understand that this would be something that a retail store owner would get so bloody damned annoyed over.

I mean, I really do not get why robotic store attendants are not so popular. I mean, apparently people just like being asses to teenagers and old people working at these places.


Fvcking Birthdays >.>'

Bloody hell--I am off with a friend who keeps insisting on window shopping with him for his birthday. Not something I really want to do. As I see the situation as, "I am not likely to be able to afford most of this he is wanting. Neither can his girlfriend... and definitely not him"

Me, and his girlfriend are the only one with an income. He manages to drag us out--and into a few stores. Picking up every such thing on the shelves... and asking the people at the till if they have a copy of the games he wants.

Okay--clearly he is very excited. He turns 26 at the end of July.

Meanwhile, I am just groaning. He is acting like he has all sorts of stuff coming his bloody way. Where the hell is this coming from?

He keeps talking about all this stuff that is coming in. I am just smiling and nodding. Because if I tell him, not to count on this stuff, he is going to get all defensive about how these are sure things. Even though, after nearly every bloody one of them, he says, "maybe he can get me this--perhaps that. I can pull some strings."

Okay--you know what? How the hell does he even think he can even get a decent birthday?

Then--it hit me. The last decent party, that I had people show up and I had fun, that I have ever had, was when I was eight years old.

Every time after that--nobody really ever showed up. Mind you, my birthday IS on Labour Day weekend. Or all that I could get managed was just some crapping sit in at a restaurant I could go to anyways.

For a little while, I tried bolstering interest, by talking about it a few months prior.

I have just kind of came to terms, that my birthday is just another fvcking day. I mean,there have been times that I have been reminding my mom for a month prior--then she comes up when it is nearly Octobre, telling me that she forgot.

I have had to share my birthday a few times with my brother who was born on the twentieth... over four years and two weeks after mine.

Then--every now and again, I will get my mom bothering me about what I want... on something that has became pretty much just another day. Why the hell would I expect to get something special on a Sunday? Why the hell is my birthday any different?

But no, and then she does the sad but irritated act like, "people do not know what to get you."

I have kind of just stopped saying anything  about this day--because you know what? It is obvious nobody cares. Pretty much every birthday party since I was eight has been the most sorriest flop of an excuse I have ever seen.

Which okay--maybe everybody else's birthday's suck? Or at least that is how I understand it.

Seeing as how I am never really ever invited to them.

I mean, I do have a few friends... but it is always, "oh, I get you just fine--but none of my other friends would really get it. There would be drama and--"

"--I am just your dirty little secret. You are ashamed to know me."

"No, no--I think you are wonderful it is just my friends would not get you."

When I have pretty much learned that formula completely--and this is not a person I am getting sex from... or really see that interested in having sex--it kind of makes me just put this sort of stuff in the corner of my mind of Schroedinger's cat.

Schroedinger's Fvcking Sweet Kick Ass Party.

It both exists--and does not exist. Trying to see if it does exist changes the situation you are trying to measure.

What is there to get? I am a psychotic bitch. Okay yes--I get that... how do others not get it?

Then we have ass hat here, going on about how he is going to get all of this. Get all of that. I am just standing there, going "really--you really think your birthday is going to be all that and a bag of potato chips."

Then, I realised--it probably is.

You know--I really doubt i am going to be dating anybody soon. So many bloody self esteem issues, self image issues and all that to really work out. Yet, people keep saying, "you need to get laid."

Fvck--not going to happen any time soon--not with a person as damaged as I am. There are better people to hook up with.

Just smile and nod--just smile and nod.

Well, now to post more pictures of myself, in hopes that somebody has the good sense not to bullshit me, and tell me how fugly I am.


Oooh... fun with scams

Okay--so... I get phoned... out of the blue. Apparently somebody wanted to offer me a free Solo Bell Cell Phone. Not certain if it was legit, and figuring it was mostly a scam, I bite. That is, until there was an sensitive data that would need to be released.

Now, the signal on the other end was... horrible. There was sound artifacts, there was compression quirbles--it was a bad signal. Maybe my phone was just dying--I doubted it... but well, maybe it was.

They gave a really really long list of features that the free phone, with no activation fee, no shipping and handling would have--should I pay a monthly fee of thirty Canadian Dollars.

Now, okay--maybe I can have good things. I figured, lets just see where this goes. He tells me, that his supervisor would have to get to me--so just wait five minutes until he phones back.

Kind of funny behaviour from a Telco like Solo Mobility? One under that whole Bell Umbrella. Yes, I have had issues with them in the past... but this is on the same level as "Uncle Pete's Backshed Telecommunications".

So, I pretty much get phoned back right after the whole hang up. I barely had put the phone down.

I give them my name "Kat Payne" and my home address... and yes, this phone is a good way to get a hold of me.

Then they needed one more thing... my Social Insurance Number.

I answered that I was not prepared to give that over the phone.

He assured me that it was a secure connection, and that my SIN would be used to generate my unique account id--we will not go into everything that is wrong with that...

I told him, that I only had his word for that.

"But Bell would never do that sort of thing to their customers."

"I only have your word that you are from Bell."

He gave me a toll free number, that he said would say he is from Bell.

I followed this number with a reverse look up... to find out it was owned by Paetec. Any further look ups do not show much of any affiliation with Bell.

BTW, when given silly numbers like that, I suggest doing a reverse lookup on them, before going further.

I mean, okay--had his scam been well polished enough... I would have bitten. I would have... but in this case, the issues were:

  • Compression issues in the phone calls. It was like listening to a 68KBPS MP3 that had been put onto vinyl. There was also a fair amount of background noise. Sounded like he was doing this on a pay phone really. Do a better sounding phone call, and cut out that background crap.
  • The prompt contact by the busy supervisor. There are a lot of people that a free phone would be nice to give to, and he did say he was busy--seriously... fifteen minutes would be a standard minimum wait, I'd think.
  • The lack of hold. That I could not be put onto hold, while his supervisor was contacted. Waiting on hold for fifteen minutes would have made me a lot more convinced.
  • The fact that on the look up of his "Official Bell Agent Number" it did not list itself as being affiliated in anyway with Bell Canada. Further more, it was a number from a US Asterisk company. Had his number been registered as something that looked like it was Bell Canada, I would have been inclined to bite even more so.
If these details would have been removed, without any others, I probably would have bought into it.

Come on people--put some effort into these scams! You are better than this!


If you could ask George W. Bush one question what would it be?

Yeah--could I get that supersized? And ooh--is the iced coffee still in season? Ooh! And could I get two apple pies with that order, please?

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango

First thing you'd do after surviving a zombie apocalypse? "Surviving" in this question is flexible because if you're undead and don't get a face of buckshot, you've still survived.

Well depends...

I mean, if it was one handled quickly, with the Zombies killed before the disease got too far, I'd probably return to work. Noting that nobody will really care about my Z-Day stories at the water cooler.

In the case that it is handled poorly, the only way that Z-Day will end--is once all humans are Zombies. As well, if we have both, the Zombie Apocolypse is still going on...

In which case I would be a screaming nympho zombie. The one that screams at you or has sex with you, while eating your brain.

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango


Do you believe in life after death?

No. When I die, I am taking all of you with me. X3

Well--not entirely. No idea whether there is something in the great beyond. My after life, is anybody I have impressed in my life with knowledge.

Be if positive knowledge.

Be it negative knowledge.

Be it a wonderful loving relationship.

My life and my death, is the spark that anybody I touch, carries in them, by knowing me.

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango

Whether it be a joke or not, why are you expecting to go to prison?

Why, for the worst crime of all. One that will not ever go unpunished.


However, this may not be some stone prison.

Why, I could be locked up as mentally unwell--as my dissidence makes me a harm to myself and others.

Or, we have a better prison. It is called a pill. This pill, if applied properly makes the best prison available.

Not to say that there are not people that can get some decent use for it. However, when we give these prison pills to our kids, because they are being kids, and we do not enjoy that--we effectively tell them, you do not have to deal with your issues. A pill can do it for you.

Prisons come in all shapes and sizes.

Prison is living in any location, that you cannot escape from. Even if you do not desire or want to use that escape. That escape from where you are is the requirement to define whether where you are living is paradise or prison.

This, does kind of require that the escape route is real, and a viable option. As there are plenty of prisons that say you can leave any time--but how to do so, is not a real option.

If you are a dissident even in today's modern free world--you get options removed from you. Escape routes cut.

You get told that unless you do what we say, we are not going to let you go here.

Now, instead of armed guards at roads, we have legal road blocks. We have bureaucracy. We have medication. We have warnings on packages. We have contracts. We have a large amount of items that remove escape routes.

Now, some of the stuff that appears in these blockades I agree with.

However, after putting a few decent ones in, we kind of have not stopped. As well, it is for your protection. As well as the protection of your children.

Now ask yourself, in Cyber Punk genre material, is anything that the authorities suggest you do, "for your own protection?" really something you want to do?

We are living in Cyber Punk now.

Now, I am not saying go against the cops. Just maybe, ask how and why the rules that are there are in place.

Rules should have reason behind them.

We however have long since lived in a world, where nobody really cares about the reasons. They just follow the rules and enforce them. Because they are rules and that is what you do.

Myself, I look at the reason for the rules--rather than the rules themselves.

Thus making me a dissident.

Thus making me a danger to myself and others.

Which, will land me in prison.

That is, a living arrangement, that I have no clear real escape route from.

This is not conspiracy talk... no... conspiracy would mean that somebody planned it.

This arrangement is something that just eventually happened that everybody agreed to. There is no plan here. There are no conspiracy. There is nobody conspiring.

Nobody is competent enough to do this.

It just kind of fell into place.


I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango

Sounds like he was a great influence on your life. In more than one definition of the word "great."

Yeah, when they do finally lock me up in prison, he will be noted as one of the reasons to my delinquency. X3

It is because of Dad that I consider myself a Second Generation Discordian.

He was the sort that if a balloon popped at a birthday party, he'd start crying until all the kids at the party were roaring in tears.

He was the sort that every year, during Christmas would cheer on the Grinch. Maybe THIS year is the year for the Grinch. Maybe this year, he will steal Christmas.

Now, imagine doing that with kids around. It eventually became tradition to go from whining and being upset at Dad--to joining in, and cheering ol' Grinchy on.

It was kind of like cheering for the Maple Leafs at a Hockey Game. Except we were joking--Maple Leaf fans are not.

He was the sort, to make a joke--and somehow, that joke became a solid tradition. Such as the box, that goes around every gift giving time. We actually keep more track of gives the box, and where it has gone, and if this is a new box as the old one got destroyed, than any of the gifts.

In fact, it is probably better to get this box at a gift giving time, than any gift inside it now.

Mostly by Dad observing that that was the same box that appeared last time we gave presents and it just steam rolled from there.

Dad was also the one that got me first interested in artwork.

I admit, I am jealous that he knows how to use a slide rule (I want a slide rule dammit!). As he had demonstrated its use a few times.

Yes, he was a large influence on me--and he will be blamed, when I am finally put away. X3

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango


Too true. You like details don't you? You seem to want to explain things as best as possible, no matter the subject. It is good you would want to. A lot of people don't want to take the time.

Well, there are plenty of reasons for this.

One, was something I impressed upon growing up, by my father.

"No matter how brilliance or creative your idea is. If it stays inside your head, it is useless." -- Bob J. Payne

He also had a few other things he taught me.

"If you cannot explain something, so that the layman can understand. You do not understand it." -- Bob J. Payne

This is not say that by explaining it, you understand it. However, if you cannot explain it, you definitely do not understand it.

"Everybody is too worried about who they are, to really care what you are doing that is wrong." -- Bob J. Payne.

This one is a weird one--as, to understand this, the only reason, going out and doing something will bother somebody, is it reflects something that they do not like about themselves.

And, you reflect something they do not like about who they are, only then, will you have a problem.

He also had the rather humourous phrase:

"There are those that can do, and those that can't teach." -- Bob J. Payne.

In that one, he was mostly reflecting his issues with how little real world knowledge people in academia tend to really have.

Now, me and Dad really do not get along that well.

This does not mean everything he said was trash. It just means we would butt heads with each other quite a bit.

Dad's main issue, was that I was always too much like him.

Dad was always the one to say:

"Why don't you ask them why they do that?" -- Bob J. Payne.

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango

I agree with all of those points and am glad you can express yourself through words so well. You are very different in comparison to most others, this you are aware of, I'm sure. I like different, to a degree. Some differences can be harmful, though.

The reason that differences are going to be harmful is due to what you define as harmful.

Now, this does not mean you are bad, for not like certain differences. As long as you know where and why they are coming from.

This does not mean you need to change your definition of harmful.

Some things you will just not be interested in--no matter how much people tell you how or why they operate.

Trying to enjoy that stuff is where the harm comes from.

Everybody here is different. Yes, we do have plenty of similar traits that put us into easy to target marketing demographics...

I mean unite us as a group.

However, what is important, is be true to yourself. And further more, allow others to be true to themselves.

If you are straight, and somebody is gay--it only gets harmful, if the gay person tries to be straight, or the straight person tries to be gay.

Look at Micheal Jackson after he was turned from black to white. That seemed to make him from a relatively cool guy... to about as creepy as that very effeminate priest who cured his gayness to become straight.

Yes, some things can be very harmful to be... because they may not be something you are able to be.

Me--I cannot do the Vegan thing. I tried. My body could not live like that. From my understanding, plenty of people can do the Vegan thing, and work and operate better while doing it.

Each and every one of us have different bodies, and different minds.

We have different abilities, different goals and different needs.

I put your basic needs as the following;
* Air to breath. Air that is not polluted with allergenic content. Air that you can go out, take a big wiff of, and not feel pain.
* Protection from the elements. In some cases it is clothing and shelter. Though sometimes what these consist of, is not the same for each person or each location.
* Water to drink.
* Food for nutrience. And there is no blanket menu everybody can make use of. Some people need a LOT more food. Some people need different food. I find the Canadian Food Guide a retarded idea. Why? It was a study done by a group of people that are known for incompetence--that is the Canadian Government. Each of us requires different foods and needs for our bodies. And it is up to us to figure this out.
* Mental stimulation. If we are not mentally pleased, we cannot function. However, each of us have different things that this goes into.
* Emotional stimulation. This is why the whole, "not playing with kids, and kids not interacting" seems stupid to me. We all need to do something that emotionally stimulates us. And we each have different things we need for this. Some really need something to fire us up and make us angry. Others, need something that makes us really sad. Heck, that is why tragic plays were created--because people need to cry and be sad. By tearing our eyes out, we feel better. As it is a release. Others need something that peps us up. Makes us the most happy person out there. The sort of happy to dance.
* Sexual stimulation: this is base need. Something that we all need, otherwise we will not function. Even more so, there is no one single way to do it. What one person may enjoy, somebody will not do anything with.

People have put these wrongly as a pyramid.No, that does not work--each of these is an independent pillar of who we are, and what we need to function. None of these are able to have a cookie cutter one size fits all deal either.

And, if, in your attempts to fill these needs, one of these is different from what is good for you, then it will be harmful to you. Very harmful

That list of base needs that everybody needs all of them to some degree (these are not optional):
* Air to breathe
* Protection from the Elements
* Water to Drink
* Food that works for you
* Mental Stimulation
* Emotional Stimulation
* Sexual Stimulation

And, in getting these base needs, if something different is harmful when you try to make use of it, for these needs, then it is bad for you to do it.

However, that does not mean it does not work for others.

It also means, that something that works for you, will work for others either.

Your body and mind is different, to put it simply.

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango

Well said, very well said. It is a nice change of pace to actually have meaningful conversation with someone, especially over the net. I'm too used to the type of people who waste their time and energy hating on others or being needlessly depressed.

Well, I was depressed when I was younger--suicidal even. However, that was only because I was on meds, for doing what I am doing now.

Only since I was young, I had not learned how to use the proper words. I have since then grew up, and only resort to fists every Thursday.

I do not hate people. I hate ignorance. Facing ignorance with more ignorance only will cause issues.

Instead, when you are faced with something you do not understand, ask it questions. Interview this new C'thulhu. Figure out the how and why of this eldritch type reasoning.

You do not need to agree with their conclusions once you know their reasoning.

You just need to question their reasoning, until you get it--regardless of if you agree with it, or not.

And it is okay to feel bad. It really is. We all have times where life hands us a large shit sandwich, light on the salt and pepper, that we need to eat.

And you can grimace and groan as you eat it...

But, rather than just feel bad that "I am eating a shit sandwich..."

You need to ask, "how do I not have to eat a shit sandwich ever again"

Unless you enjoy that sort of thing... then, more power to you. I do not enjoy corpophilia, but there are plenty of things I like, that various people into corpophilia would think I am really weird fo enjoy.

And, everybody will offer advice as to what you can do, to take this very horrid sandwich off your menu. When they offer you this advice, question them on how it works and operates.

As while they may not have your shit sandwiches, chances are, they have a few of their own. You need to make certain that their solution is not going to make it worse than before.

Being depressed is okay--as long as you are making an active effort to make your life and situation a better place.

Ignorance of somethings are also okay.

Myself, I do not get or understand Windows.

Does this make me scream about how Windows is the worst OS out there?

No, I simply say I do not understand Windows. It is fine and okay--and has its uses... but I do not get it.

Ignorance only becomes bad, when you lash out at the thing you are ignorant of, rather than just stating you do not understand it.

Look around outside. Look in your house. Is everything out there something you understand down to the cellular level, molecular level, atomic level or even quantum level?

I can honestly say, looking out my window, there are plenty of things that I do not know. Do I lash out at them? Do I think they are wrong? Do I fear them?

No, I just state that I do not understand everything out there--as I am incapable of knowing all. So, it is only natural, that I should come across things I do not understand.

Things that I will be ignorant of.

It is how I act on said ignorance, that makes the difference.

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango


The only reason any of you use the internet (And internet commandments)

Well, I normally only post blog entries during the last week of the month. No idea why one week of the month, my greatest desire would be to chew people out, bite their heads off and spit down their throat.

However, I came up to a little epiphany.

Why people use the Internet? Drama!

People talk about how much they hate Drama. Oh my god, there is so much drama here. Please, stop this.

In the past, I would have been more inclined to agree that less drama would be better.

However, it just kind of made sense that the only reason anybody uses the internet is because of how often we get that Special Olympics playing along. Whether you enjoy watching some of these events, or are a very big fan of taking part in these Special Internet Games, everybody loves drama on the Internet.

First lets go over the other "reasons" people give to justify this. Some of which I kind of thought might have been true before his most noodly appendage reached out from an alley and touched various parts of me. In other news, I need a new school uniform.

Myth: People Use The Internet for Research

This reason would work just fine... if not for the most abhorrent sin possible being present all over the internet.

1. Thou Shalt Not Be WRONG!

The internet allows us a rather wonderful medium to fix the idea that somebody out there may be wrong. This causes various methods to be put into place to try to fix their wrongness and make them stop being so damned wrong.

I mean, do you know how many billions of people every day, on the Internet, go around being wrong? It is a good thing that I have this blog, in place to slowly fix this horrid horrid crime. As we all know, ranting and raving on some blog is the best way to fix wrong people. Hell, I mean, the majority of my blog's followers are not even family members--so I must have a very good reach here (never mind that this is only because my family does not really bother or care to read my blog. As well, I seem to violate this, first commandment of the internet, as far as my family is concerned).

I mean, it is good that we have this great medium of information out there, and a large group of people to tell others just why and how everybody, but them, is completely wrong.

Myth: People use the Internet to talk to Friends and Family

Right--how many people actually enjoy talking to their family members? I mean, yes, you do get some members that are okay, and very nice to talk to.

However, most of your family is just people who are there, and generally annoy the crap out of you. Either you have a really psychotic mother (which, I am finding is surprisingly common). I mean, all women are crazy, and my Mom use to tell me growing up, "insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids."

2. Go forth and be psychos. For Psychotic people are the bread and butter of the internet

Think about this for a bit? Who are the people bringing about all the great technologies on the internets. Who is it that brings all the large amounts of social change. I will tell you who:

Crazy Fuckers.

Between much of how the World Wide Web was worked on in the late 1990s being done by the Heaven's Gate Cult. To the point that some suspect that one of the main causes of the Dot Com Bomb, was their little Nike Blanket Party, that they went to, to exchange Apple Sauce recipes. As most of their members were very influential workers of the Internet at the time.

Then we have The Goons, Anonymous and the Japanese bringing forth a large amount of technologies and social structures, concepts and pretty much everything we know about on the internets. Personally, of those, I would put the The Goons at the most sane, Anonymous at second place for sanity, and the Japanese as last place, no matter who is entered into this contest for sanity.

But then, I very public suspect that Japan consists entirely of C'thulhu Cultists.

Myth: People use the internet to talk to people of similar interests

Well, yes--and this is probably the biggest cause of drama out there.

I mean, I see myself, as a fan of anthropomorphic artwork, and very spiritually in tune with certain animals.

Which, thanks to internet drama lets me know, that my greatest desire is to have sex in teddy bear suits.

It really does not help that most interest groups are completely and totally wrong. In violation of the first commandment of the internet (not to be confused with the Rules of the Internet).

I mean, as we all know, I am a fan of the Vim text editor. Which of course, is the correct text editor to be interested in.

You get some asshats who try to say EMACS is much better. They are completely and totally delusional. As I can tell you exactly why Vi and Vim is the ultimate editor for all to use:

  1. Personal Preference
  2. Familiarity
  3. It is a standard
See, this is exactly why, anybody who says they like EMACS are fucking nuts. I mean, how can they not understand that Vim is so much better than EMACS will ever be, for those above three reasons.

I will note, that my choice of operation system, or distribution of operation system, is best, for those above reasons. Anybody who suggests another one is one of the most laughably insane people out there.

And even then for interest groups, it is not because it is fun--it is because it is work.

3. Stop Having Fun!

I mean, how can you enjoy playing Super Smash Bros., if you have no clue what Wave Dashing is? I mean, that is the reason Brawl is the worst game on the planet. They removed Wave Dashing.

Then we move into Pokemon, which you cannot possible play the game, unless you know about natures, IVs and EVs. I mean, playing the game is useless without such knowledge.

This is exactly why Final Fantasy XIII is the penultimate game out there. You have to slog through twenty hours of completely dull and trite crap, just so that when you do get somewhere interesting, you have done all the work in being exactly like how you want to be, before you are allowed to have fun.

These are games here people! Ones that you need to play exactly one fucking way, of GTFO. See Internet Commantment 1.

It is rather common, for any interest group, to ban anything that is fun to do. I mean, look at Christianity, and their one simplified commandment: "if you enjoy doing it, it is a sin."

And like Christianity:

4. Thou shalt not improvise. For improvisation shows no knowledge of the subject matter, like that of drolling out rote memorised speeches.

This is a mix of commandments number 3 and 2.

I mean, you improvised a bit based on Monty Python? You did not match the lines and words completely and totally perfect?!


You coloured outside the fucking lines on some standardised rule set, that helps make a game better by removing the fun?


Clearly you have forgotten the whole point of the internet. You have turned away from your god, and these commandments. You shall be case out into the fiery inferno where disco will be played for all eternity.

Speaking of Disco Infernos.

5. Thous Shalt make porn of it.

However, this commandment cannot break any of the other four commandments. Especially number four. I mean, if your pornography is not something that matches all the other porno up completely and exactly, with perhaps even the horrid idea of some originality to it, this also ends up breaking commandments 1, 2, and 3--as well as the obvious breaking of number 4.

I mean, the idea that you like something that is not the same plastic mold over and over again, is completely abhorrent and wrong. How can you live with yourself?

The idea that everybody enjoys the same thing, also very nicely falls under number 2.

Enjoying pornography? Are you kidding? Nobody enjoys pornography. It is the most abhorrent item to ever look at. Just ask any clergy man. He will set you straight. Then, he will go to the Choir Boy's special vocal chord therapy, where he applies a very holy cream to their vocal cords, that give them the voice of angels. A completely valid practice in helping people sing. Just look at pretty much every pop star out there today. Proof that giving lots and lots of head is the best thing you can do for your singing career.

Summary of the Internet Commandments to follow with zealous religious passion:
  1. Thou shalt not be wrong
  2. Go forth and be psychotic. For the crazy people are the bread and butter of the internet
  3. Thou shall stop having fun!
  4. Thou shalt not improvise. For improvisation shows no knowledge of the subject matter, like that of drolling out rote memorised speeches.
  5. Thou shall make porn of it
Now then, the Internet shall be a good and holy place, for all of mankind to thrive, live, breath and sleep. While womankind is in their kitchens, fetching them beer and sandwiches.


(Possibly backhanded) apology to the users of #Fedora of Freenode


Okay, I am going to apologise to the channel of #fedora on FreeNode. Sorry, it is not your fault that fenris02 is a complete and total arrogant prick.

I did get my current scanner issues solved (tendatively). Somebody started to help me go through and find where the udev and hal entries. This person (I apologise that I cannot remember that user's name) was generally very helpful, in helping me find my problem.

We found that the problem is one along the lines of "it works the same as it always has.". IE: The reason my scanner does not work is due to "Bit rot" sort of reasons.

I mean, the solution is not "Katrina is an idiot" so much as "Katrina is running an insanely ancient distribution of Fedora"

So, going in for a reinstall. As /boot is only 200MiB in size. Fedora 12 and Fedora 13 both require /boot to be 512MiB. I probably will have that partition be about 1024MiB though.

Now, I probably would not be as irritated with fenris02, still, if he was not peppering comments of "just because you are too stupid to understand my help--does not mean it is not brilliant."

He now exists in my head, as "fuckers who think that something is clever, based on how little it is understood". Noting that I know of two types of humans, "people" and "fuckers". I care about people. Fuckers are just another set of statistics.

First off, from a few of the other blog entries here, and links to my GitHub account you have likely seen, there is a chance, that maybe, just maybe, I am not completely new to computers. Yes, I understand that there is worlds of knowledge that I do not know of. However, his constant calling me an idiot, and talking to me like a Dalnet user, gets grating.

Personally, I have this rather silly notion, or idea, that if you require jargon to explain something. That is, another language that is only English in that English is a Pidgin language of sorts, then, this something is completely useless.

If I cannot pitch some concept, no matter how technical, so that your average Joe can comprehend what is going on (maybe not at that high of level, but he can still get it), then I do not think the idea is really worth saying it is good. I will also say, that if I cannot explain it in simple standard English, then I fail to understand it, as much as the layman.

Not to say that any idea if explained in English means I understand it, though. I mean, all dobbermens are dogs, but not all dogs are dobbermens.

This is well--mostly due to a lot of influence from my Father. My father is of the opinion, you cannot understand something, if you cannot explain it, or present it in some form. He also gave me the knowledge that no matter how brilliant an idea, if it stays in your head--and is not given any sort of form, either by descriptions or proof of concept, then the idea, for all purposes of the word, does not exist.

My father, is also a fairly skilled technician that the only reason he does not have an engineer's degree is because of his extreme disdain for engineers. So, his set of opinions makes sense.

It really does not help, that the largest handitards on the planet, generally tend to be all about how intelligent they are. Usually screaming out about how much smarter you are than somebody the more likely I am going to think you are excessively retarded. Especially if you start waving around positions and papers you have.

Respect is earned by your interactions with people. Not demanded by positions of power or claims of knowledge.

Gah! Why are Pogeymanz fans so bloody silly?! Gen V speculation rant

Please--some speculation is fine really, it is. However, if you are going to speculate, please take into account previous events in the series.

First off, the starters.

Okay, I am fine with people disliking certain generations of starters. People have been hating the various starterssince about Gen III. I do not have a problem with it. Saying that you hate all of the starters of a certain generation.

Just keep on that attitude. I tend to see a fair amount of "well, I liked the Gen III starters--I mean, they had flavour and various elements to them that war me up. However, I absolutely hate the Gen V starters. I mean, look at that complete rip off of squirtle and piplup."

Okay--you have the memory of a gnat. As typically you just go back a few years, and see either, they were not around for the Gen III stuff... OR, they hated the crap out of the starters. Saying silly things like how much Mudkipz will suck. Or laughing at the flaming chicken. That Gecko thing? Horrid.

Then Gen IV comes. Everybody hates those starters. Turtwig? When it came out, you were hating it. Chimchar? Oh great, another fire fighting. And a flaming monkey to boot. Those cads at Nintendo! I mean, what is their problem! Well, at least Piplup looks good. I mean, the others completely suck, and will never be used. Ever. No way that I can see them ever being used.

Now, we get to Gen V. You'd think we'd know better than to bitch about the starters this time around. I mean, we can get a jolly laugh at how wrong we were with Gen III and Gen IV--and look at these pictures, and speculate in positive ways.

Then, we get people ripping on the water starter. Okay--do they have a valid argument? It is a rip off of Squirtle and Piplup you say?

This, I really do not follow--one bit.

Maybe it is because I have some amount of knowledge of various biologically real animals in our world. Not a lot. There are tons of gaps in my knowledge. I am just wondering how a flippin' Sea Otter gets mistaken for a Turtle or a Penguin. Perhaps explain this to me?

I mean--no, I get it, the water types are much easier to base on animals in real life. Hence why they seem similar. As most of these are based on adaptions to living in water.

I mean, we have various wonderful creatures in our oceans here, that have adapted a lot of ways to live. Yes, some of them are similar--which would make Manaphy and Phione a complete rip off of Tentacool and Tentacruel in that sense. However, in comparison to say, the fire types. There are much less for creatures that live in a constant state of being on fire.

Yes, we have Slugma and Macargo. The only other two IRL creatures that spend a notable time on fire, are Buddhist monks and Poltergeist. Though, if we were to base a Buddhist Monk on Fire/Psychic, we'd have a lot of people referring to the resulting monster as "Carrie"--and trying for a female one.

Poltergeist is a hard one, as it kind of requires a psychic nearby. As typically, following cryptozoology, Poltergeist are not creatures--so much as the psionic abstraction of a really stressed out teenage girl. Be them apparently female, or a variant of MtF. I dunno--that would be fun to see a Shedinja style evolution here. Possibly with a six Pokemon appearing in your party of Fire/Ghost, if you have your Fire/Psychic Pokemon get sufficiently ticked off with you.

Okay, so due to the sheer lack of IRL creatures that are in reality on fire at any notable amount of time, they are kind of forced to get creative here. He have creatures that are based on various mytholigcal creatures normally to deal with fire. Such as Salamander (Charmander), Hedgehog (cyndaquil), Chicken??? (Torchic) and a Monkey. Personally, I like the idea of the last two. A six foot kick boxing chicken and a flaming monkey ARE fairly nice to stand next to.

Personally, I tend to breed my flaming kick boxing chicken in with my flaming monkey producing the following movset:

  • Fire Punch
  • Focus Energy
  • Blaze Kick
  • Double Kick
but, mostly because I really do not like the U-turn/Close Combat combo. Just personal preference here. That is my only issue with it, really.

I mean, now because we do not have animals constantly on fire, save some slugs, poltergeist (paranormal), and Buddhist monks, in comparison to a large amount of creatures that live in THE FRAKING WATER we have complaints on water types.

I really do not get how a sea otter is a ripoff of a turtle or a penguin. I do not think I will ever know.

I mean--bitching and moaning about the starters just gets a little annoying after a while. Especially when the people doing it know they are fully justified. Only to have them go back to liking them, once we get to Gen VI or Gen VII. You just know that these are the same people that will realise how wrong they are.

Next, we get into seeing the legendaries. You know what? They are legendaries. I do not give a flying crap about them. Want to know why?

Arceus is Zubat.

Hear me out here. Remember Mewtwo? A Pokemon that made use of Mew, to be compatible enough to graft all the DNA of the strongest Pokemon in the world. To make Mewtwo the greatest fighter ever conceived? Do you remember this idea that he was engineered to be God amongst Pokemon.

These are the same creatures that blink, and entire cities are in ruin.

Now, fast forward to Gen IV and Gen III. Mewtwo, while in an upper tier, generally is nothing that special. He will get his ass kicked by plenty of other legendaries just fine. Which, in my opinion, justifies his angsty state. As he was essentially made to suck sort of thing. Heck, two nonlegends are easily capable of taking him on to the point of "you mah hoe!" status, those being Wobbuffet and Garchomp.

The idea of being the bottom to Wobbuffet scares me more than being married to Bubba in prison, just to let you know. And to Mewtwo, I can understand the horror that this analogy demonstrates.

By the time, Gen VI or Gen VII comes around. Arceus will be Zubat.

So, really, the Legendaries do not interest me. what does?

Well, I really like Red Chocobo's and Zorak's additions to the world of Pokemon:

From what I have seen of Red Chocobo's take on Platinum, it is pretty awesome as well.

If anything, it is more the society, culture and the people. The world that exists in here. The folklore. The local customs. How things work and operate in this world. The flora, the fauna--the normal things.

I find the common Pokemon more interesting that the legendaries. As to me, they are more real. The legendaries do have some form--but they really are not a major or real part of people's day to day lives.

Possibly with me MSTing the whole thing as I go through it. I have been known to scream at the Tv while playing Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

I also have been noted, that if I were to design a game, I would most likely end with something on par with a Super Mario World: Kaizo difficultly level.

And--oh dear... we have Shippings starting on.. the.. characters... we only have two sketches of the characters... and people are already trying to name the shipping that they will have.

Okay, you know what? I am just going to leave this alone. As, I have never really understood the idea of shippings. I somehow watched Sailor Moon, during its original North American Tv Airing in the mid-1990s, and got through it, without bothering to really care about who ends up with who.

This concept personally troubles me.

As well--a few years later, in the Sonic Archie comics, I was fully supporting of Julie Sue and Knuckles getting together, and pointing to the idea of Sally Acorn and Sonic getting together.

Yeah, I am one of those silly Sonic fans. This is why when people try to tell me I am smart, I point out that people tell that drooling guy over there eating crayons and talking about his birthday party how people tell him that he is smart and can do anything if he tries.

Now excuse me--I am not entirely certain my vacant drooling form is quite at the right level to get phrase of "you are sooooo special and smart!". Any recommendations of colours of crayons to eat to get this status? I hear that yellow is particularly good. Purple, not so much. Yes, Purple has one of the most not worthy tastes--but itis not good to promote drooling. It really does not build the brain enough to allow for people talk about extravagant galas at Chuck E. Cheese's in Hawaii either. I mean, the more the mentally retarded kids talk about that stuff, the more their care taker tells them, "oh, you are sooooo smart. You can do anything!"

So, yes, I guess, being a Sonic fan, could put me in a similar "very special and intelligent" level of regarding.

I mean, the only shippings I can ever think I have ever done (or even remotely cared about) were to deal with Sonic the Hedgehog at the age of fifteen or sixteen.

So quite clearly, I am not at the sage enough level to understand these concepts or ideas. I know they are there. However, much like most people can turn on a Tv, without noting how Liquid Crystal Displays or Cathode Ray Tubes operate, I will note that they are part of my world, even if I cannot understand their inner workings. This also means, I will not poke around with their insides. Like most people should probably not be poking around in a Television set.

Why do I even bother?

I mean, these are the same fans that refer to moves as "OMG HAX!" (which is on the level, in my mind, with people saying that stuff in CounterStrike). They call game modifications "Game Hacks"--which would make CounterStrike a Halflife "Hack" in comparison. As most of what they are doing with Pokemon Games are the same stuff that was done on DOOM I and DOOM II to allow for FPS modifications. Also similar stuff was done on games like X-Com, various D&D RPG Systems and Fallout, to make modifications in Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3 seem to be common place.

However, it is not like these are not educated people here. I mean, look at their tools. Done in... Visual Basic 5 and Java. The Java one (shoddy) is done by somebody, who in my only real conversation with him, claimed to attend the University of Alberta. When questioned the location of the Sciences Campus, he did not seem to understand that various UoA Campuses are scattered all over Alberta. With the Sciences Campus being located in Camrose, a small city south east of Edmonton with no major transport to and from Edmonton. He kept saying I was weird, for the suggestions that all the campuses were not in one spot--and chiding me for going to the lesser NAIT--and Institute of Technology.

These same highly educated people, who do not release their source to a buggy Visual Basic 5 application, because they do not want people to steal their code.

When it IS Open Source, they do silly things, like hard coding various numbers into them. Like the RNG reporter that has an entire section that generates a small in memory database as something to be compiled into the resulting binary. Rather than say, maybe making a database that could be customised.

It is irritating to see various best practices, such as MVC, modular coding, scripting and large amounts of stuff in PEP-8 not in anyway present in these.

And I have no issue with running something for the JVM. Go crazy. The JVM is actually surprisingly well designed. The language Java, however, is not. If you ARE going to work with the JVM, allowing your software to enter into enterprise areas, I would suggest going with Clojure or JRuby. If Jython was not still based on python version 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, apparently 2.5 (for reference the current stable of Python is 2.6, and testing is 2.7 and 3.0). I would also suggest that. And if that coder who promised to release Jerl 6 would do her job...

I mean, you know what? Maybe, I am not the only one crazy enough to suggest a C based framework to do a set of libraries for Pokemon applications. Be them to modify games, simulate or just be elaborate calculators? C based frameworks that follow a large amount of those books on programming theory made in the 1970s. Which suck. of course. I mean, how could they know about efficient code? I mean, they STILL were working within 64KiB of RAM. Computers were the sizes of small houses. Efficiency in software obviously was not something they knew at all. I mean, today, we are totally better. I mean, my program can totally run in 4GiB of RAM, with a 1TiB Harddrive--why am I suggesting it is bad, that we should require this, for something that this could be done on your old 486 with only 16MiB of RAM. Can't I tell that we are doing so much more with our processors today? er--going off on another rant here.

Evidentially, I am not eating enough paint chips to understand these people's really intelligent ideas.

Also, I apologise for the links to wikipedia here. Most of those however, are just for general knowledge of the subject. There are generally better ways to look into the subject-based on your Operating System of choice.


Suddenly... life starts making sense.

Right... in the after math of: I Just Talk Too Much.

[14:21:09] <hil0> you can't diss someone for not dropping stuff
[14:21:19] <hil0> and then diss this person again when he/she tries
[14:21:31] <hil0> that's just not fair. in any way.
[14:21:42] <kusuriya> you can :P i do it a lot, you keep dissing them in an effort to get them to learn to drop things quick
[14:21:43] <kusuriya> IMO
[14:21:58] <hil0> ...what a backwards way of thinking
[14:22:07] <kusuriya> it works for most normal people
[14:22:10] <hil0> then you get no appreciation for trying to change your ways O_o< [14:22:15] <kusuriya> its how i learned to drop things quick
[14:22:26] <hil0> ...and since when is dake "a normal person"?
[14:22:34] <kusuriya> this is also true
[14:22:36] <hil0> I dun think that will work on her
[14:22:42] <hil0> I think she's like me
[14:22:49] <kusuriya> it may not
[14:22:52] <hil0> needs shown appreciation to keep wanting to change
[14:22:58] <hil0> if that would happen to me
[14:23:10] <kusuriya> but eventually it will piss her off enough that she just wont try to do arguments with any of us :P

Actually no... when I get pissed off, the last thing I am going to do is shut up. No--then it just has me yell at you just a little bit more... possibly moving to violence.

Sigh--this reminds me of High School... well, my High School life before Columbine happened. I will note that all the other students kind of stopped teasing me so much AFTER Columbine... they kind of started being nice to me.

Which kind of says something, when other kids are scared I will shoot them the fuck up, when our school, at the time, was on a Military Base, with the Military Police Station just a few blocks away.

[14:23:22] <kusuriya> me
[14:23:26] <kusuriya> ive personally just given up
[14:23:29] <hil0> I would just say "fuck it people don't care if I try and change or not, obviously, they just like to harass me for being this way and it will never change no matter what"

Oh, hey... look at that... I have entire blog where I bitch and scream about that sort of crap. Funny story that too.

[14:23:36] <kusuriya> if i dont have to say anything i just ignore her
[14:23:51] <hil0> and then I would stop trying.
[14:24:05] <kusuriya> then everyone just harasses you more every time you do it
[14:24:12] <kusuriya> its peer pressure thats how it works

Uh-Kusu... perhaps... maybe.. no.. yes! Let us go with the idea that this is a hypothesis on this here.

First off, some of you may not understand what the fuck kusu is thinking here. Lets give a little setting shall we:

This crap is happening in an irc channel named #rantradio on FreeNode. This is an irc network for Rant Media, whose front man has is known for screaming his head off on various topics of varying importance.

Okay--okay... let us go over how what kusu said here is possibly the most mentally retarded thing I have ever considered.

Gay people.

Those damned gay people. I mean--if peer pressure worked, there would be none of those damned gay people walking around. Or transsexuals. Women would still be chained to the stove, popping out babies every nine months. Black people would still be picking cotton and saying "yesa massah!".

I mean, I grew up in a very conservative small oil town in Alberta, Canada. Which for those of you not aware of what that is like--it is like growing up in a small town in Texas... except a lot more conservative and closed minded.

Yet--I still have my own opinions on various subjects that kind of make the idea of Peer Pressure seem bloody retarded.

So--why does this work on some people, and not others? Well, going with the Jung Typology tests, you get people like us. The ENFP.

And you know what? Only about two or three percent of the people are ENFP.

There you go, Kusu--you appear just like the rest of the population. You are a very special creature humans. I mean--that is what I will define humans as: Very Special.

Edit: apparently editing posts on this site which contain angle braces confused the crap out of it.

Fucking Gay Ass Stigma

Okay--the Stigma on the Gay community is still there. You would think that people would respond to Gay Pride with something like Breathing Oxygen Pride really. It is a rather normal concept (to me anyways) for somebody to like something different that somebody else does not like. Well-except Mikie... he will like everything (and confusing pop culture reference in place).

It is annoying really.

I point out that Adam Sandler's movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was oddly well researched. In that it seemed to include a lot of elements from the pride communities. Rather than just being like watching Zoolander.

Compare to Adam Sandler's other concepts:

Billy Madison: no research put into this. Mostly just Adam Sandler looking like an idiot on camera.

Happy Gilmour: about the only information on Golf is the same that could be gained from watching tv for five minutes... maybe driving past the Golf Course.

Little Nicki: Mostly just a large amounts of jokes on popular culture's image of what the son of the devil would be. Not that there is much of a subject to research really, so much as a few vague ideas in pop culture to mock.

Then we get to Chuck and Larry. This movie quotes various anthropological texts on animal habits, it quotes legal statutes in place, it shows a large amount of clues as to inside information on the Gay community. I mean--yes, we frown on that large guy in pink dancing around as a butterfly--but he does appear in real life... way too often. We have the large black guy that people think is tough just because he is big enough to kick people's ass. But turns out being the kind that looks like Tarzan, but talks like Jane.

I mean--I was personally expecting this to be another Zoolander myself. However when I comment that this movie is not, but instead looks like Adam Sandler is possibly entering into more serious cinema... I get:

"Are you suggesting Adam Sandler is gay?"

Okay--let us step back for a bit... just step back here.

Let us go with the idea that perhaps maybe if the movie had been a comparatively more seriously research light comedy on origami or stamp collecting, if anybody would care here.

Had Adam Sandler's first sorie into more dramatic works had been about Bass Fishing maybe, would people respond when you remark that it seemed different from what you expect of him?

No, the guy is a fucking actor. I mean, if Carrot Top did a move like this, it would seem weird. If Ben Stiller did that too, it would get the same response.

I mean, the only reason that Jim Carrey did not get this for the Truman Show was well--he was trying to move outside of Comedy.

Wait? Jim Carrey's first move from Comedy was the Truman Show... what am I suggesting here? That Jim Carrey has spent all of his life, being tricked into living in a 24/7 reality Tv show where he was living an old sit com?

Clearly, if by suggesting that Adam Sandler is gay by remarking that Chuck and Larry was not another Zoolander like I was expect (and I expect many others too)--then clearly, this law applies to Jim Carrey being an unaware sitcom Tv subject.

Gah! Stupid idiots!


I just talk way too much

Discussion leading up to the situation

23:04 <+Jibkat>

23:05 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: yeah... the proper term is mechanophile...
23:05 <+KatrinaTheLamia> wait... Jibkat... you... you are not a mechanophile are you?
23:06 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Screw it--we are not leaving Jibkat alone with any motorised vehilces ever again.
23:06 <+Trinity> yeah we are, it's his dick that he's fucking up
23:06 <+Trinity> it'll be flat by the time he's done
23:07 <+Jibkat> You know
23:07 <+Trinity> ?
23:07 <+Trinity> don't be mad jib
23:07 <+Jibkat> All this shit talk that Katrina is doing is againt the rules of the chat
23:07 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Trinity: well, I suppose what a consenting adult, and his chevy convertable do int the privacy of their own home is completley their own
23:07 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibbers: which rules are those?
23:07 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: I mean, if I am breaking a rule, you need to cite it.
23:08 <+Jibkat> When somone has you on ignore, your not suppost to be trying to get people to say the shit your saying
23:08 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Citation needed
23:08 <+Trinity> jib: we've all broken the rules of the chat just today
23:08 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: who says I am trying it.
23:08 < Kabiri_Jester> eh?.. Citation?
23:08  * Trinity is confused
23:08 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: I am just talking, and people seem to be enjoying it.

The incident:

23:09 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Trinity: yeah--jibbers has me on ignore
23:09 <+Jibkat> Trin, I have the fucker on ignore
23:09 <+Trinity> Katrina: no, we are just bored ;)
23:09 <+Jibkat> With his constant furry love shit
23:09 <+Trinity> oh okay
23:09 <+Jibkat> So his tricking you to post stuff he says
23:09 <+Illuminaughty> lol
23:09 -!- CaponeX [] has joined #rantradio
23:09 -!- mode/#rantradio [+o CaponeX] by ChanServ
23:09 < Kabiri_Jester> I have a solution, Log into SL and listen to the show
23:09 <+Jibkat> Hey Cappy
23:09 <+KatrinaTheLamia> jibbers: no, I am not doing any kind of tricking anybody.
23:10 <+Trinity> well SEE, now i'm put in a position...O.o
23:10 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: if people are posting stuff I say, it is without any suggestion of my own part.
23:10 <+kusuriya> Trinity: its better to just let it slide and dont include jibbles in it he ingores KatrinaTheLamia for his own reasons
23:10 <+Trinity> yeah that's understandable
23:11 < Kabiri_Jester> I have a better solution;
23:11 <+kusuriya> ignores even
23:11 < Kabiri_Jester> Drop the enitre topic all together
23:11 < Kabiri_Jester> T%alk about the Kunfu bear
23:11 <+kusuriya> yes
23:11 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Trin: IO think the reason he is so frustrated by me, is because he likes me, but cannot admit it.
23:11 <+Trinity> I can admit that I didnt know about the ignore, but ANYWAY let's stop bitching about the fucking ignoring people bullshit and go on with regular
23:11 <+Jibkat> What is Kunfu beer and how can I get it
23:11 <+KatrinaTheLamia> there we go!
23:11 <+Trinity> Katrina: drop it
23:11 -!- tomzombie [] has quit [Quit: The cake is not the only lie]
23:12 <+Jibkat> Trin, its pointless
23:12 <+Jibkat> Just ignore him and move on with your life
23:12 <+Jibkat> ^_^
23:12 <+kusuriya> Trinity: just ignore it and she will drop it she doesnt take commands well
23:12 < Kabiri_Jester> Jibkat:
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> drop what?

23:12 <+Trinity> the subject Katrina
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> which subject?
23:12 <+Jibkat> NO, I WANT KUNFU BEER
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> I was talking about Kung fu bear
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> 23:11 <+Jibkat> What is Kunfu beer and how can I get it
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> 23:11 <+KatrinaTheLamia> there we go!
23:13 -!- nimbius [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:13 <+KatrinaTheLamia> ^^ that is not dropping it?
23:13 <+Trinity>'re kinda being annoying now
23:13 < Kabiri_Jester> Their was once a wise person who said, "The difference between "Commands" and suggestions, is all in ones perception of self vs. Ego of self
                       worth." I suggest,.. you percieve a better direction and focus of jabing at someone else... Liek me,.. I a way more entertaining target
23:13 <+Trinity> I feel like I'm talking to my son having to repeat myself
23:14 <+KatrinaTheLamia> fuck it-I can say "move on please" a thousand times, and people will still think I am causing trouble.
23:14 <+Trinity> lol Kabiri ;)
23:14 <+KatrinaTheLamia> .ne growls
23:14  * Jibkat meows
23:14 <+KatrinaTheLamia> anyways... Kung fu bear?
23:14 < Kabiri_Jester> Poke fun at the Jester,... its way more entertaining,.. and probably wont get you banned,.. because I like being made fun of. =^_^=

23:14 <+kusuriya> Kabiri_Jester: i agree but im not going to hit hat hive :)
23:15 <+KatrinaTheLamia> I was agreeing with that topic chamnge/
23:15 < Kabiri_Jester> wise idea

I just cannot shut up or change topics. No--I am just stuck in a bloody rut in an argument. Not moving on to a new subject.

You know--this situation has occurred way too many times.

Could somebody please tell me how to drop a subject,

As apparently I have no idea on it.

I thought I was attempting to drop the subject here--but I am apparently mistake. Perhaps something should be put here.

This happens often enough that, clearly I am doing something wrong here as apparently I am the same component in each situation this occurs. I need to learn what I am doing wrong, so this does not continue,

I hope that when June comes--I can cooperate with admins better

Okay--I admit. We are into May. Which, you know what? It is fucking stressful. School tests--which tend to affect students, teachers... and people who hire students.

I am just going to assume that the admin that kicked me was stress prior to me entering the chat. The thing is--that is not something you take onto being justified admining.

Unfortunately--like most issues in IRC, the memories are short of the events... but the impressions last.

Apparently fenris impression of me is that I am an impeccable. I have talked to him on Freenode--fairly often before this. I can swear I have seen him in places other than #fedora. Though--there is a small chances that this may have been an off shoot of another incident on the same server.

If there is one thing I know how to do it is get under people's skin.

Now, lets give a background of my situation.

I bought this scanner a month ago. I have been having issues getting it working. As you can see in the log, I appear to be able to point to how to find out where to find the drivers--and what version it first appeared in.

Also, I have been in enough spots on FreeNode for long enough that, your best assumption is that my first attempt was to RTFM. Possibly look on Google.

Now, into the log:

--- Log opened Wed May 26 19:29:21 2010
19:29 -!- KatrinaTheLamia [] has joined #fedora
19:29 -!- Irssi: #fedora: Total of 430 nicks [2 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 428 normal]
19:29 -!- Irssi: Join to #fedora was synced in 1 secs
19:29 < KatrinaTheLamia> uh--quick question what package contains the kernel modules that allow sane to talk to my scanner?
19:29 -!- dhaval [] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
19:30 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, kernel modules? you mean usb?
19:30 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: something like that.
19:30 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, or do you mean sane modules found in sane-backends?
19:30 < KatrinaTheLamia> I was looking through /lib
19:30 < KatrinaTheLamia> uh... my issues stems from modprobe having no clue what I am talking about.
19:30  * Anpan starts to despair
19:31 < KatrinaTheLamia> As the kernel modules I need are well--not there.

Okay--you know what? I can see fenris02's newbie alarms going off on this... if we were still back in the days of Linux 0.97 and 2.0 and 2.2.

As you know what? Back then, that was very common. Today, we are in the modern day of the 2.6 kernel. Typically with only a few throwbacks to the 2.4 kernel. Which has a few howtos suggest a single line of `modprobe scanner` typically.

Trust me--that does show up in the USB trouble shoot sections of a few SANE howtos.

Perhaps look at:

I mean, this was beyond the various man pages and docs on my system... which was my first look.

Typically following

$ man xsane
$ man scan-image
$ man sane-find-scanner

I even decided that perhaps maybe my debug level was not high enough so the following ENV variables were set:

So--my debug levels were ridiculously high enough that if SANE had a slight case of the sniffles, it would wake the dead. Causing the brain hungry undead to roam the earth gnawing on the flesh of humans.

I noticed a pattern in my errors:

[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_open: can't find device `/dev/usbscanner9' in list
[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_open: can't find device `/dev/usbscanner10' in list
[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_open: can't find device `/dev/usbscanner11' in list

Okay... let us go under my basic understanding of how linux works. Perhaps, maybe my understanding of Linux is at fault here.

Linux is typically a name for a group of software that work in tandem with together to produce useful results. Remove on element, and it destroys the balance.

Essentially you have the kernel--the center of any large computer program. Typically Operating Systems will have a kernel--but there are plenty of largely created programs that require a lot of work to them that will typically have one centre called the kernel. Various large GUI projects will have a kernel. Items that deal with issues with timing will often have a kernel.

The kernel is probably better spelled as "Colonel". (I may have to refer to a kernel as the naming of "RearAdmiral").

Most "applications" within the framework containing the kernel generally require the kernel to tell them where to go. They build onto the kernel, and may talk between a few of themselves for functionality.

Then there are other elements that are build on layers on that.

In this case.

You have the hardware.

You have the linux kernel

You have init.d (process 0).

You have various applications for super user land.

Then you have user land.

SANE typically is meant to exist in user land. Though, with a few elements in super user land.

Those /dev/ entries? Typically indicate something going on around the linux kernel level.

The /dev file system is something that is done on various UNIX and UNIX workalike systems. It does not exist. Typically, it indicates a list of devices that the kernel currently has an idea of how to talk to.

These files in this file system do not exist on your hard drive--except for their inode values. 

An Inode typically an entry, to my understanding that tells a long about what the "file" is or does and is located for accounting purposes--I admit shakiness on my understanding of this. I do know that if you end up running out of inodes before you run out of space, the device will act as though you have no space on it--though... this never happens in modern systems. Not certain if it is because we have several TiB hard drives on the market--or if advances in partition formats, such as ntfs, jfs, xfs, rieserfs and ext9001, have made it so that running out of inodes is insanely hard to do. It probably is both.

So, these files that it was trying to find in /dev, typically are representations of what the kernel is able to understand and do.

The thing is--these tutorials generally mention that udev should do it automatically (you at user land do not need to worry your pretty little head off... udev will protect you!). They rarely point to locations that may fix or correct udev entries should they fail.

A few of the ones I listed, will point to `modprobe` as a solution for both 2.4 and 2.6. Mind you, 2.4 does have a lot more to load--typically 2.6 only has scanner or usbscanner. This is mostly to let the system know that hey "this is how you talk to scanners"

And go through the tutorials--not all of them suggest this solution. Some say it should just work--though I admit that trying the modprobe may have been Cargo Cult Code--but the last time I have had a working scanner was on 2.4... and that means, I had to run those two or three modprobe commands before I could use sane.

I mean--okay... I could see it as a newbie type question if the documents supported looking through the kernel modules for the scanner.

Which I kind of state--there was nothing, indicating anything in there for any usb talking to a scanner. There was a few generic "talk to devices"--which generally were supported by other items such as CUPS.

I must admit that it is nice that these have generic talk to devices while there is a large amount of external network hardware stuff my modules list and a few external hard drive type stuff.

Internal, go crazy--if you got something varying from SATA, IDE, SCSI or Ribbon based connections.

However, that other external stuff? Mayhaps apply the same policy. Personally, I want to see some form of kernel module that just sends wireless hardware handling to an software point. This however, would allow for various Wifi type conventions to be completely broken at a coder's whim.

My understanding of it, was that even after the device was plugged in it did not see it here.

19:31 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, because you dont use modprobe for scanners typically ...
19:31 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: yes, I know
19:31 -!- jeansch [~jeansch@] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
19:31 < Anpan> if things stay like this, i have to go back to windows. And thats what i totally want to avoid.
19:31 -!- StrikerTTD [~Striker@] has joined #fedora
19:31 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: however pretty much ever SANE howto has a setp that uses modprobe in it.
19:32 < KatrinaTheLamia> for 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 kernels at least.

I was about to point out that this was not a typical situation, as we have various /dev/ entries not showing up.

19:32 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, ok, you do whatever you feel is best. when you want it working let me know

Translation from Passive Aggressive to English. I do not know the answer--however I am going to make it well known that what you are doing is incorrect. I refuse to be helpful--and will mostly wait here while you struggle and just answer with I told you so.

Please, fenris02, we have seen each other in the channel a few times. Typically I have some idea on what I am doing--my issue is that it is not the Fedora way. Which does have some good traits. Heck some wonderful traits. However, you guys suck at getting it out there.

I mean, okay, you DO have a wiki for setting up various items. The issue is, that it obvious has a very bad search engine ranking, as well--I do not think I have ever seen it appear in Google. I mean, I am more likely to see forums dealing with porting my program to a legacy version of Amiga OS and their issues, before I see the fedora help site in google.

It does not show up as standard bookmark in the browsers I run (which I have never removed the fedora bookmarks). While I do not place many bookmarks--I have issues remembering the domain name.

It only pisses me off that it SHOULD be something easy to remember--however in my mind... it is just one step outside of helpful.

Now, the Fedora Forums do show up--I do not really bother with forums for help.

You get three typical answers:

Answer A:

Somebody whining about an issue--and people agreeing they cannot get it to work either. These get irritating to see when you have solved it--but for some reason are unable to post on your solution.

Answer B:

Somebody claims to have solved it. People confirm it. Wait a few months--and they disappear. New people come it, talking about how the solution gave does not work. Even faithfully repeating every reported conditions.

Answer C:

A problem is posted. Then they say they solved it--without really pointing out what happened. I mean, even an "I dunno--magic shoe pixies?" would be a good answer here. Answer C sucks for me--because all it leaves me wondering is, "okay--that is nice... why does it not work for me"

Further more, the Fedora help wiki is surprisingly under documented. There is a large amount of sections that are in a state of fill in later.

Which is nice--I understand people are busy, and there is a lot to talk about. This kind of negates it as "a place to go for help" though.

Okay... so...

We have fenrir02 here... obviously not wanting to help.

And guess what? That passive aggressive comment is what sparked the fire.

He showed no indication of helping--flat off from the start, he branded me as a newbie somehow following philosophies from Kernel version 2.1 era (which do not even appear in many tutorials either these days). 

I mean, was I really that stupid, the modern equivalent was "I clicked the GUI, it did not work."

I can live with fenrir02 going senile though.

19:32 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: I want it working now
19:32 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: okay... how do I do this?
19:32 -!- d33p_th0ught [~fizzy@unaffiliated/fizzy] has joined #fedora
19:32 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, step 1) stop playing around with modprobe.
19:32 -!- cpuobsessed [] has joined #fedora
19:32 < KatrinaTheLamia> As just about ever document I could find on google fail on the step that requires modprobe to be used.
19:32 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, what scanner do you have?
19:32 -!- jerry [] has joined #fedora
19:32 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: one that is in the epson2 sane-backend
19:33 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, how many entries do you have in dll.conf ?
19:33 < KatrinaTheLamia> I have removed everything expect for epson2 and net
19:33 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, does "lsusb" show your scanner?
19:33 -!- daMaestro [~jon@fedora/damaestro] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
19:34 < cpuobsessed> whoa! photorec is AWESOME!
19:34 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: the issue stems from  the fact that no where in /dev is /dev/usbscanner\d+ or /dev/usb/scanner\d+
19:34 < KatrinaTheLamia> I have put sane-find-scanner's debug level up to four on several spots... it has no idea how to talk to any form of scanner hardware
19:34 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, does "lsusb" show your scanner?

Okay, fenris02... I pointed out what I saw the issue here. Please stop going into "is it plugged in mode".

I mean--it is generally very irritated that I am frustrated that this scanner has not been working for about a month, and your general going into your old drills, when I have pointed out my situation was that I have ran various items here--and guess what? The error is that I do not have the devices to allow programs to interact with the scanner.

I have given you a general summary of the situation here. Yet you go into drill mode.

Thank you for regarding me as a person--and not just another fucker that comes in for support.

By the way, my view is that there are two kinds of humans: people and fuckers. It was obvious that I was in the fucker category here.

It may have been a long day--and fenris02 may have been under stress.. but well...

19:34 -!- amabo [] has joined #fedora
19:35 < amabo> how might i go about installing gnome 3 with fedora 13?
19:35 < fenris02> amabo, su -c "yum install @gnome-desktop"
19:35 < amabo> fenris02: thanks!
19:35 < Anpan> So nobody can/wants to help me anymore?
19:36 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: there is an Epson entry
19:36 < fenris02> Anpan, your driver was not found in kmod-staging? you sure?
19:36 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: but it has only saw the printer part of it
19:36 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, ok, what is that line?
19:36 < Anpan> fenris02: well, the networkmanager doesn't show any signs of wlan being available
19:36 < KatrinaTheLamia> Bus 001 Device 014: ID 04b8:0854 Seiko Epson Corp. 
19:37 < fenris02> Anpan, did you install kmod-staging successfully?
19:37 < Anpan> fenris02: yum didn't return any errors, at least.
19:37 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, what is the full model name of teh device?
19:38 < KatrinaTheLamia> Epson Workforce 310
19:38 -!- Vorbote [~vorbote@unaffiliated/vorbote] has joined #fedora
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19:39 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: my scanner appears to have been in the Epson2 backend since about version 1.0.12
19:39 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, are you sure?  it does not show up on the list ...
19:40 -!- cpg is now known as cpg|away

Right--you know the situation better than me... but uh... did you know about? They suck at updating this list.

19:40 -!- cpg is now known as cpg|away
19:40 < KatrinaTheLamia> I will grab you the vender id and stuff... look for it that way
19:40 < cpuobsessed> amabo: gnome 3 isn't out yet, you can install what they are calling a preview: gnome-shell
19:40 < KatrinaTheLamia> those lists are horribly unmaintained it seems
19:40 < amabo> cpuobsessed: do i have to recompile a kernal or anything like that?
19:40 < fenris02> you already provided the vendor id above.

Yeah--I know.. but... that output was only vaguely verbose. I mean, generally I am not for tool reports containing what appears to be two Ambigiously labelled number BUS and ID, followed by two seeming arbitrary numbers.

I mean, yes, it is obvious now--but it generally gets annoying when people put output on a console or into a long that is largely a lot of meaningless numbers and vague terms.

Yes, that is wonderful for internal stuffs. Go crazy with internals.

If the program is spitting out diagnostic info... well... lets compare with `ifconfig wlan0`

wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: fe80::224:2cff:fe98:97ed/64 Scope:Link
          RX packets:44374643 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:24944142 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:3470024625 (3.2 GiB)  TX bytes:3987538479 (3.7 GiB)

That is a lot better than the output of lsusb.

While, yes, that does require some network knowledge it is generally a lot easier to make heads or tails of than of what lsusb says.

Oh, right--this was where fenris02 decided I was insulting him--no, I am mostly just irritated, and venting a little.

I also want a problem solved... and my main instinct when a problem steps on me, so to bite it until it  is solved.

19:40 < KatrinaTheLamia> found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x0854) at libusb:001:014
19:40 < KatrinaTheLamia> plug those two hex values into sanes search option.
19:41 -!- chia [~chia@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
19:41 < KatrinaTheLamia> It has been included since the four patch level of 1.0.12
19:41 < KatrinaTheLamia> though... it seems to have listed it as since "1.0.124"... I am mostly going to blame an accident with the version system
19:42 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, sane-find-scanner reports what?
19:42 < cpuobsessed> amabo: for gnome-shell? no; it's a part of desktop-effects
19:42 < cpuobsessed> yum install gnome-shell
19:42 -!- GungaDin [~yaron.hir@] has joined #fedora
19:42 < KatrinaTheLamia> right... I will paste a more full form
19:42 < KatrinaTheLamia> [sanei_usb] sanei_usb_open: can't find device `/dev/usbscanner14' in list
19:42 < KatrinaTheLamia> [sanei_usb] sanei_usb_open: can't find device `/dev/usbscanner15' in list
19:42 < KatrinaTheLamia> found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x0854) at libusb:001:014 # Your USB scanner was (probably) detected. It may or may not be supported by # SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage.
19:43 < KatrinaTheLamia> those cannot find device exists for... well... over nine thansand lines above that.
19:43 < KatrinaTheLamia> if you want I can redirect STDERR and put that into pastebin
19:43 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, please use or for that.
19:43 < fenris02> much easier to follow that way.

Right-- fenris02... see... this was where I already doubted you ever cared to follow me. I just entered into you channel. Another fucker--but an angry noisy fucker.

Completely ignore the fact I pointed out everything above that is the same error message over and over again.

Completely ignore that the vendor id I gave earlier was from the command you asked for, and yet you asked for it again.

Completely ignore that there was only five lines of paste--five lines of paste that contains all you really need to know the issue here.

19:44 -!- Dephenom [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:44 < KatrinaTheLamia> in this case, it was only five lines... and most of the redundant crap was removed.
19:44 -!- ciupicri [~ciupicri@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:44 -!- kc8hfi [~kc8hfi@] has joined #fedora
19:44 -!- severnaya [~severnaya@unaffiliated/severnaya] has joined #fedora
19:44 < KatrinaTheLamia> the important part are all the lines, fenris02, I would think, that it cannot find a device to talk to the scanner
19:44 -!- severnaya [~severnaya@unaffiliated/severnaya] has left #fedora []
19:45 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, and did you try 'scanimage -L' as suggested?
19:45 -!- DiscordianUK [~ch@fedora/DiscordianUK] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:45 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: no... no I doid... OF COURSE I DID...
19:45  * KatrinaTheLamia does that again
19:46 < spoleeba> fenris02, udev rules issue>
19:46 < spoleeba> fenris02, ?
19:46 -!- daMaestro [~jon@fedora/damaestro] has joined #fedora
19:46 < fenris02> spoleeba, possibly.  i cant get the facts to find out

I gave you the facts you need, right at the beginning of this discussion.

This here is mostly for you to do an exercise in you ability to masturbate your passive aggressive prowelness.

You are not really showing any interest in the situation. The only reason you care is because I am coming here loudly. Chances are--the other result would be me pasting my question over and over again--with well... what happened last time.

I got told to head over to #sane... who kept directing me to #fedora.

When I get that from various phone lines, it usually means that I am phoning Canadian Government Workers--usually heavily incompetent ones.

My confidence in your solution is gone.

You got your data you need.

Please, just listen.

19:46 < fenris02> spoleeba, you are welcome to try instead
19:47 < spoleeba> fenris02, if i had any usb scanner to poke at...i would
19:47 -!- CapnKernel [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:47 < kc8hfi> i copied my old .fdi file from f12 and trying to use it in f13 isn't working quite right.  did something change with the format or something?
19:48 < spoleeba> fenris02, i see the udev rule file..and the long list of scanners...and im just wondering...

Hey, fenris02... I cannot say this to your face--but the psycho yelling chick? I think she may have been correct here.

19:48 < fenris02> spoleeba, *nod*  it is certainly a good suspect.
19:48 -!- dcr226 [~dcr226@] has joined #fedora

You ass kissed me well enough--good, you get to be correct.

19:49 < KatrinaTheLamia> Like I have been saying my issue from the start was.
19:50 < KatrinaTheLamia> Hence why maybe... just maybe, under the step in most howtos, for even the 2.6 kernel (which last I checked I WAS using... I can run uname -ar if you want), to run at least one line of modprobe.

Oh, hey, fenris02... I am just going to voice my opinion on how spoleeba just said I was right, on the information I gave at the start of this.

Rather than this run around you did here, when you regarded me as fucker and did the long ass "is it plugged in spiel"

19:50 < spoleeba> KatrinaTheLamia, pardon...but can you give me the vendor and device id again...i want to try to look iot up in the udev rules for sane scanners
19:50 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, i've told you before, and i will only repeat it this once more.  you are welcome to keep bashing away until you guess upon the solution, or ask and learn.  if you insist on being sarchatic and unfriendly, i'm free to go elsewhere.

Well, yes, you are--you however do not.

In this case, you just kick me, rather than part the channel.

Again more passive aggressive bullshit.

If you are going to kick somebody, flat out say, "I will kick you if you continue."... please do not do this "I am the good guy. I am helping"--when all you are doing is nothing.

19:50 < fenris02> spoleeba,   found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x0854) at libusb:001:014
19:51 -!- Skaperen [] has joined #fedora

Okay--here he was actually helpful... it kind of required ass kissing though.

19:51 < spoleeba> fenris02, its in udev
19:51 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: right... perhaps you should ask... perhaps... perhaps maybe I did your way... about ooh--three weeks ago... in fact, I think this line of stuff did not work... I was then bounced over to sane
19:51 < spoleeba> fenris02, ATTRS{idVendor}=="04b8", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0854", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"
19:51 < fenris02> spoleeba, yep.  here too.
19:51 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: I am just a little bit frustrated, as previous experience shows that following these steps does not work.

Translation: I am sorry. I should not have used this channel to vent. You are starting to help me--so I will start to calm down.

19:51 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, ok.  someone else can help you then.  good luck.

Translation from Passive Aggressive to English: see, you are wrong. Your scanner works completely fine. This problem requires no more attention from any of us. Never mind that the only person who actually have attention to the situation was spoleeba.

Translation con't: I mean--I also did a large amount of going through the motion, so I looked helpful. So it is all good.

Oh--hey fenris02... guess what would have ended this situation here?

Just simply asking, is it in your udev file, Katrina? Here is the location, paste it onto a pastebin.

I mean, it is not like Katrina was the first to suggest using some paste bin, but risked pasting something that was only five lines--followed by me saying the rest is redundant and that I can paste the full STDERR output onto a pastebin.

19:51 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: you ARE aware of the definition of insanity then

For those of you unaware:

The definition of insanity is trying the exact same stuff over and over again--and magically expecting some different result without any reason for it to be prompted.

I figured that was somewhat more tactful that what it translates out to:

Translation: FUCK YOU! I have done those steps several times. I'd sooner try to use the Goggles.

19:52 < pixinvent> I LOVE FEDORA
19:52 -!- goldfish [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
19:52 < pixinvent> I'm just saying.
19:52 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: yeah... and somehow, I doubt that would be help ful either... wait... I KNOW! IS MY BLOODY COMPUTER TURNED ON >.>'
19:52 -!- sindrepb [] has joined #fedora
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19:52 -!- StrikerTTD [~Striker@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:52 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, correct your attitude or go elsewhere.  NOW.

You clearly are not kissing my ass enough.

19:52 < KatrinaTheLamia> pixinvent: actually I love it too... just... the error I am having is very unexpected.. and it is frustrating as it seems that there is no solution
19:52 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: okay-I will still myself.

BTW: am I the only one that thinks my next two lines are to the effect of attempting to disarm the situation.

However, the ire of fenris02 has been risen. The person asking for help, did not play his games, did not kiss his ass, and pointed out his exact behaviours.

The only thing that will come next is being dunked into a pool full of Hungry Sharks with Frikkin Laser Beams on Their Foreheads.

19:53 < Skaperen> last time I tried to use Fedora ... which was a while back (Fedora 9 I think) ... I could not figure this out ... but I'm going to try to set up a machine with Fedora 13 tomorrow ... what I want to do ahead of time is get a list of all packages I could choose to install (and browse through them and make choices ahead of time)
19:53 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: that was not attitude... it was mostly just veniting. Not aimed at anybody in particular.
19:53 < Anpan> pixinvent: i loved it too... until today
19:53 < fenris02> Skaperen, the install guide is an excellent place to start
19:53 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: mostly to just let off some steam.

BTW--I have a funny idea.. or theory on how to be much more happy.

I generally ignore people letting of steam in these.

If somebody is swearing and getting rather sarcastic, I merely take it as symptoms that maybe they are human, and frustrated. A gentle hand is a best touch--rather than telling them that if they do not start kissing my ass, and playing my games, their problem will never be solved.

I have seen people that frustrated in channels I have been able to help in.

Noting that I seem to be using some dialect of English here, likely EN-GB, maybe EN-CA--it is fairly obvious that I show some intelligence. I also flat out told him how I felt the situation was occurring here. To his face. I apologised once, and mentioned that I would try to calm down. However, it was typically answered with passive aggressive nonsense--and only going through the motions of help. With no real interest in doing so.

19:53 < Skaperen> fenris02: I believe that is what I did last time ... have they added a list of packages now?
19:53 < pixinvent> If you have a hard time setting up fedora just do the live CD. It's easy Ubuntu style.
19:53 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, keep it up and i will also let off some steam ... in your direction.  Now, behave.
19:53 -!- rigeld2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: why do you think I am flaming people?
19:54 < fenris02> Skaperen, what is it you're looking for specifically?
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: because I am not

Spoiler: If you are not fluent with Passive Aggressiveness, he was generally flaming me a lot more.

I was merely reacting in an honest way. Generally considering his way, less than honest, and generally very irritating, frustrating and not worth my time to deal with.

19:54 -!- mck182 [~quassel@] has joined #fedora
19:54 < Anpan> pixinvent: i doubt that would fix my problem with missing wlan and the keyboard that doesn't work
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: have I insulted anybody since I got in here?
19:54 -!- papillon-butineu is now known as alphad
19:54 < pixinvent> The Fedora 13 DVD lets you specify the packages. It's awesome. I love the minimal install.
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: if anything, you have been more insulting to me.
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: now lets move on.

Why do I feel like I am repeating myself here?

Ohh... lets see..

19:32 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: okay... how do I do this?
19:43 < KatrinaTheLamia> those cannot find device exists for... well... over nine thansand lines above that.
19:43 < KatrinaTheLamia> if you want I can redirect STDERR and put that into pastebin
19:45 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: no... no I doid... OF COURSE I DID...
19:45  * KatrinaTheLamia does that again
19:51 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: right... perhaps you should ask... perhaps... perhaps maybe I did your way... about ooh--three weeks ago... in fact, I think this line of stuff did not work... I was then bounced over to sane
19:51 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: I am just a little bit frustrated, as previous experience shows that following these steps does not work.
19:52 < KatrinaTheLamia> pixinvent: actually I love it too... just... the error I am having is very unexpected.. and it is frustrating as it seems that there is no solution
19:52 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: okay-I will still myself.
19:53 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: that was not attitude... it was mostly just veniting. Not aimed at anybody in particular.
Translation: I am sorry that you took offense. This was not aimed at you. Please stop acting like I am punching your mom in the stomach repetitive while I force her to watch me shove a pineapple up your Dad's rear end.
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: why do you think I am flaming people?
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: because I am not
Translation: you seem awfully pissing about what I am saying here. Nobody else has complained. Heck, if you had just shut up, and quit acting like you had something that only resembles a slightly larger than average lack of desire to help, some of the others would have jumped in.

No, I insulted Fedora... as... it did not work perfectly out the box... you'd think I defecated on your grandma's grave and used the flowers as tissue.

It is an OS--it is normal for something to not work. I am a human (I think), it is normal for me to be frustrated at a situation. It is also normal for when I gave a full summary on the situation, even gave you all the useless data you needed to stroke that ego of yours that you may have been helping--you still maintain I do the steps I did again, that did not work.

Also, if you had perhaps asked for a past of my udev file, as, you know what? It may have been incomplete. There are countless things that could get in the way here. I appologise to the audience (yes all i3 of you) for speaking the tongue fenris02 was using here. The translation is: probably one or two typical things that can be shrugged off, and worked to fix the situation more fully.
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: have I insulted anybody since I got in here?
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: if anything, you have been more insulting to me.
19:54 < KatrinaTheLamia> fenris02: now lets move on.

Right... Citation needed obviously:

19:32 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, ok, you do whatever you feel is best. when you want it working let me know
19:40 < KatrinaTheLamia> found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x0854) at libusb:001:014
19:42 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, sane-find-scanner reports what?
19:42 < KatrinaTheLamia> found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x0854) at libusb:001:014 # Your USB scanner was (probably) detected. It may or may not be supported by # SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage.
19:43 < KatrinaTheLamia> those cannot find device exists for... well... over nine thansand lines above that.
19:43 < KatrinaTheLamia> if you want I can redirect STDERR and put that into pastebin
19:43 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, please use or for that.
19:43 < fenris02> much easier to follow that way.
19:44 < KatrinaTheLamia> in this case, it was only five lines... and most of the redundant crap was removed.
Katrina: I pretty much took two lines of the exact same errors over and over again, and put them after the final output line.
Fenris02: Please, this is my world. We need to follow my rules, whether or not they apply here.
Fenris02: With your large paste, I have issues following its intrinsic structure
Katrina: You... cannot follow five lines?
19:46 < spoleeba> fenris02, udev rules issue>
19:46 < spoleeba> fenris02, ?
19:46 < fenris02> spoleeba, possibly.  i cant get the facts to find out

Katrina Aside: You are a pretty sharp fellow aren't you. I mean, not somebody that any details get past. No wonder all of my fedora issues have not been due to small quirks or glitches that paying a little attention would fix
19:50 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, i've told you before, and i will only repeat it this once more.  you are welcome to keep bashing away until you guess upon the solution, or ask and learn.  if you insist on being sarchatic and unfriendly, i'm free to go elsewhere.
19:51 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, ok.  someone else can help you then.  good luck.
19:52 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, correct your attitude or go elsewhere.  NOW.
19:53 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, keep it up and i will also let off some steam ... in your direction.  Now, behave.


Okay, yes, I did fire stuff off at him. And you know what the correct thing would be here? To have helped the others-- and let that spleeba fellow help.

19:54 < fenris02> KatrinaTheLamia, you are also disrupting everyone else that wants assistance.

Oh, hey, citation needed here:

19:35 < amabo> how might i go about installing gnome 3 with fedora 13?
19:35 < fenris02> amabo, su -c "yum install @gnome-desktop"
9:40 < cpuobsessed> amabo: gnome 3 isn't out yet, you can install what they are calling a preview: gnome-shell
19:40 < amabo> cpuobsessed: do i have to recompile a kernal or anything like that?
19:42 < cpuobsessed> amabo: for gnome-shell? no; it's a part of desktop-effects
19:42 < cpuobsessed> yum install gnome-shell

Summary: somebody wanting to preview software already out.
Status: Solved
19:30  * Anpan starts to despair
19:31 < Anpan> if things stay like this, i have to go back to windows. And thats what i totally want to avoid.
19:35 < Anpan> So nobody can/wants to help me anymore?
19:36 < fenris02> Anpan, your driver was not found in kmod-staging? you sure?
19:36 < Anpan> fenris02: well, the networkmanager doesn't show any signs of wlan being available
19:37 < fenris02> Anpan, did you install kmod-staging successfully?
19:37 < Anpan> fenris02: yum didn't return any errors, at least.

Summary: Somebody whining. It is attempting to look like asking for help.
Status: undetermined. I got kicked before we could see if she got it online. Her reply may have been delayed due to network shifts.
Help Process: Same status quo, reading from the long list of check list that from the looks of it, Anpan already tried--and did not work.
Chances help would work: little to none.

Likely unless she has a physical agent next to her to allow somebody near by to help her out, she is going back to windows in about six months.

From the looks of it, she will be another user saying Linux is too complicated.

The online help is fine here--but this is the sort of thing somebody physical nearby (that is, somebody real) would be best.
19:47 < kc8hfi> i copied my old .fdi file from f12 and trying to use it in f13 isn't working quite right.  did something change with the format or something?

Summary: vague summary of a floppy disk image from Fedora 12... tried to use it in Fedora 13.
Status: ignored
Chances to get helped:

Used the .fdi file extension to shorten the fact that I am guessing he used a F12 bootdisk for launching the installer CD. And tried it again for Fedora 13.

This is probably going to through them all through a loop. Chances are they will ask why not boot off of the CD ROM instead of the floppy. Chances are two replies will be made

1) Hardware issues
Likely response) time for an upgrade

2) desire for a network install
Likely response) ignoring them for a more "real" issue.

Proper solution:
  • Confirm he is talking talking about a Floppy Image. There may have been an error with guest OSes and is guest OS of Amiga may have been screwed in the upgrade. He may also be using a library to run Amiga programs natively. An upgrade of this level, likely would upgrade this software enough that it may cause issues.
  • Reply that the new floppy probably knows to target the newer sections of the CD orDVD media--as well a a better idea of how to grab Fedora 13 as a network install.
19:53 < Skaperen> last time I tried to use Fedora ... which was a while back (Fedora 9 I think) ... I could not figure this out ... but I'm going to try to set up a machine with Fedora 13 tomorrow ... what I want to do ahead of time is get a list of all packages I could choose to install (and browse through them and make choices ahead of time)
19:53 < fenris02> Skaperen, the install guide is an excellent place to start
19:53 < Skaperen> fenris02: I believe that is what I did last time ... have they added a list of packages now?
19:54 < fenris02> Skaperen, what is it you're looking for specifically?
19:54 < pixinvent> The Fedora 13 DVD lets you specify the packages. It's awesome. I love the minimal install.

Summary: Skaperen trying to install Fedora, like it is Debian or a BSD.
Status: Solved
19:52 < pixinvent> I LOVE FEDORA
19:52 < pixinvent> I'm just saying.
19:53 < pixinvent> If you have a hard time setting up fedora just do the live CD. It's easy Ubuntu style.
19:54 < Anpan> pixinvent: i doubt that would fix my problem with missing wlan and the keyboard that doesn't work

Summary: Attention Whoring.
Status: Ignored. pixinvent is not ass kissing quite right
Chances to be helped:
Why? I kind of agree with him.


And thus at the end:

19:54 -!- CARAM [] has joined #fedora
19:54 < Skaperen> fenris02: a list of packages
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So the horrible issue of I got banned from a channel of unhelpful people on the internet.

My response: I bitch about it on a blog that nobody reads or cares about. I mean, most blogs at least have +5 people... I have i5... that is instead of positive five people, or negative five people, I have an imaginary number of viewers.

I think my response is justified.