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I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.



GAH! Okay--it is VERY rarely that a news story gets me pissed off enough that I am going to use my one tool to STOP PEOPLE BEING WRONG ON THE INTERNETS.

Because if it is one thing we cannot have, it is wrong people on the interwebs.

So, I am just going to unload this onto the the truck of the internet... well no wait--my colleague just said it is closer to a series of tubes.

Anyways--who is wrong today... why none other than the people all in awe of Transsexual Rappers. You know, the Sissy Bouncers.

New York Times Pretends to Cover Sissy Bouncers

Okay, first off: I do not care if you are a Xtain Nazi Midget Newt who is doing the rap. Or if you are gay, trans or what not.

If I enjoy your music, I am (generally) open enough to understand that you might have different views of the world in contrast to mine. Besides, if you are wrong, I do have a blog, which is of course the correct tool to correct wrong people on the Internets. Which is okay. It rarely is something that overly affects your end product. Just look at all the great writers and composers over the years. Some of them were very sick, sick twisted bastards.

Convsersely, I would ask, that if I were transsexual, that simply because you are also transsexual and making this item, not to automatically assume I am going to enjoy or really say anything other than, "that is nice."

Okay--now that this aside... let us go over a few issues.

Why in Eris' prickle orange name would I think Rap is homophobic. Personally I think Eminem is probably one of the most gayest rappers out there. Personally I am waiting for Eminem to appear on the MTV Music awards and do a messy open mouthed kiss with Elton John. After the crap about how too girls trying to kiss on camera--and finding it may not be for them, and was a bit awkward as being "edgy".

That was never edgy. However, I am fairly certain Eminem doing a sloppy open mouth kiss with Elton John would definitely, in my deranged mind, would be edgy.

Though, if Eminem did that, it would still not confirm he is gay to me. As well--his main shtick is, that he is a shock artist that gives the audience what they want. You know, that whole "What you say I am" thing he did on his second LP.

Either way, considering how many groups we have that are your atypical rap group doing the stuff--that is anything that are not white and black people born and raised in suburbia for the most part--having people who are gay, lesbian, bi, /trans.*/, allied or any of the wonderful other labels that make the Pride Rainbow into a wonderful alphabet soup do it really does not seem odd to me.

Now, if we had Molly the Rapping Sheep, THAT would be something I would love to see a news story on.

Okay--next detail... performing at a sports bar.. okay that is... in New Fvcking Orleans?!?!?

I thought that had sunk and was currently next to Atlantis? Dammit! Well Hurricane Season IS coming up again.

Well, lets see, we have some people that are part of the Pride community, performing in probably the most open city in the continent, save for San Franfvckingsisco. I mean, I am fairly certain that if California were to sink into the ocean and New Orleans somehow was high enough above water to still hold a population (maybe set up a glass dome around it? This IS the 21st Century and all--we were suppose to get glass dome cities weren't we?), I am fairly certain no other city could easily compare with New Orleans to hold the role San Fransisco once held.

As well, the glass dome option is not as real of one for San Fransisco, as it requires a form of foundation that is not currently situated on a major fault.

So, okay, we have Sissy Bouncers, performing a genre that already has plenty of atypical entries in it (that is people who have not grown up in suburbia who have some weird sets of delusions about their street cred and make up ridiculous stories about being shot eight times before making it in rap), in the second most open city to their gender and sexual orientations on the continent.


But no... but no--who gives me this revolutionary news story? Twitters @TGWorldNews

Okay--you know what? This is a typical Web 3.0 thing they do. The comb through twitter, and find all the transgendered stuff people are really loving. Which there are plenty of people who think this is a wonderful concept.

Consider this having me add a Web 3.0 tag to my blog entries. I normally append stuff with "fail" on this subject... but well with Web 3.0's rather revolutionary retarded idea of "the sampling wisdom of crowds", prepending "fail" to Web 3.0 tags would be redundant.

But then, for some reason, I missed out on why one million people are less able to be idiots than one person.

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