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The Lamia Hiss

The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


July 2012 Theming

Eris dammit... I have no idea what I am going to do for my July 2012 social network theme update


  • 3 Facebook covers for my profile, my DakeDesu page and my Kid Rad Page
  • 1 Tumblr Backdrop 
  • 1 Tumblr Header/Cover
  • 1 Twitter Backdrop 
  • 6 Avatars for KatrinaTheLamia Facebook, DakeDesu Facebook, Kid Radd Facebook, DakeDesu Tumblr, DakeDesu Twitter and KatrinaTheLamia Deviant Art
  • 1 Literature Thumbnail on Deviant Art
  • 1 Animation Thumbnail on Deviant Art
  • 1 Art update theme explanation on Deviant Art
  • 1 Portfolio Main Image on Deviant Art
  • 15 desktop Background updates (5 for my art computron, 5 for my current lappy, 5 for the lappy I probably will purchase)
  • ??? Website Decorations

The issue

I have no idea on my theme this month. Last month I cheaped out, and did something to explain my laziness in art... for why a character sometimes has legs, who probably shouldn't.

Some ideas come up, for rationale to try here.
  • Unnamed Cyberpunk TBS SRPG
  • It Blows Rail Shooter Featuring Heroin Guinness
  • Lamia's Conquest 
  • Squid Kitty
  • Sexy Quest Monsters
  • Misty Battler
  • Megaman Storm
  • Megaman Network Rebooted
  • Megaman Starscreamer(Starforce Retool)
  • Pokemon Bumondo
  • Pokemon GB Card 2 related artwork (and my Pokemon Card Fan Game)
  • Team Temporal ("Captain Hyperion Cannot Return Home", "Horrible Tale of Holon Two", "Meet the Sepia Gentleman", "Kin of the Ouroboros" or "Get Chilled to the Core" being likely drawing points)
  • The Daemon's Notebook
These are all series that I kind of want to work on for video game related purposes. Some are blatant fan games... others are half ass original works (that I mostly really only am admitting to, because people are getting all over me, for not having anything original I work on).

Unnamed Cyberpunk TBS SRPG

Fire Emblem is a fun game. So is Zone of the Ender: Fist of Mars. So is X-Com: Enemy Unknown. In fact the Turn Based Strategy (or SRPG for you children) genre of games is rather fun. Though the fantasy style version of it is pretty much taken up with content.

I also want to do a science fiction one any ways... but where is good Science Fiction without requiring more Ice to hack bank Gibsons across state lines?

This one has units moving in both meat space, and cyber space. Which allows for units to exist in different forms and numbers in both worlds. A map with nothing in meat space may have all sorts of scaries in cyber space. Or vice versa... or completely different corresponding scaries and threats in both.

You'd be navigating and doing tactics in two different worlds. OH TEH NOES!


Originally it was meant to be a joke game based on mechanics of the the Sa-Ga series. The name was based upon what most people just named their hero in the old NES RPGs from days long since turned to legend and myth.

I started writing stuff for it... which involved Zombified Raptors riding Zombified Sharks, fighting Blood Magic using Zombie Werewolves and Vampires riding motorcycles who live on Zeppelins. With Zombies roaming the Earth... and Trees floating in the sky... also on Zeppelins. With demons and succubus roaming around too.

There is even more awesome than that... but... just go over that sentence. Imagine that world. Also a blessing from Poseidon allows the vampires to theoretically mount the Zombified Raptors on Zombified Sharks. Screw having Chocobos.

It Blows Rail Shooter Feature Heroin Guinness

I needed a name based upon Rail Shooter... so I started making drug references.

This will for the most part follow behind Heroin Guinness' butt. Where she runs and shoots, jumps, ducks, weaves in a path. There is a story here.

Lamia's Conquest

I had a dream where I was making a Metroidvania style game, where you controlled a character named Lamia. There really is nothing more to this.

Squid Kitty

Think "Metal Battlion", "Robo Fighter Arena", "Medabots" and so few others. Made into a game by me. With Squid Kitty (a sketch I drew years ago) being the PC.

Sexy Quest Monsters

A Farmville Parody that uses the Dragon Quest Monster  rule set.

Except instead of meat... you offer candy. To monsters that look like children.

Misty Battler

Generic battler program to allow DQM, Dragon Quest, Sa-ga, Digimon DS Savers World, Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei Personna, Monster Rancher, etc., Monsters to have virtualised Battles over the internet.

Megaman Storm

Bullet Hell... Megaman... Physics Sandbox... Chemistry Sandbox... Psychology Sandbox... Biologically Accurate.

You aren't suppose to win this game.

Megaman Network Rebooted

The notion is that Megaman Battle Network is if SOPA or PIPA were to have been passed. That Lan is an enforcer or a rather totalitarian world and system to live.

With the story modified based on that note.

Megaman Starscreamer (Starforce Retool)

Turns out War Rock originated from Megaman Zero 3... attempted to kill all the Reploids and Humans there. Then got out, and attempted to kill all the AMians... then attempted to kill all of the FMians. Now you are killing all humans.

You understand yourself as helping them. However, your interface has been completely screwed up by the Alien Lifeform whose thought patterns have merged with yours.

Geo Skylar needed theraputic help, to deal with his father's death... now... he has moved to another step/level.

He understands himself as completely in the right for his murder spree. Completely justified.

Pokemon Bumondo

A Beat'em Up game inspired by Mr. Fish and Jared.

Pokemon GB Card 2, and Fan Game


Pokemon Team Temporal

Take Pokemon... but make it more like Shin Megami Tensei and the Sa-Ga series or games... at the same time.

The Daemon's Notebook

A head canon or fanon explanation for how the technologies and items in the world of Pokemon would work... with use of the Minosky Particle style Science Fiction Hardness.

Making the theme

I want to choose one of these projects to base my flavour work upon for July 2012 (which is quickly coming... with my >31 pieces to do)... but which one?


Shopping List

Well, seeing as how yesterday my post helped... or would have, had I not forgotten today was Thursday, and the sort of day you accidentally write jokes in Base-13 without even thinking about it.

Here is my laundry list ... er... shopping... it is a gawd damned list already.


  • Get a task orientated operating system
  • Buy another laptop... this one is dying
  • Buy a present for Dawn
  • Party with Dawn until dawn.
  • Buy underwear
  • Buy a proper bra (my bewbs have slowed down enough I probably could)
  • Buy new shoes... something with a big heel

Task Orientated Operating System

I have been spoiled. I have seen what KDE4 was suppose to be. I have played with Android OS. I actually know how to program. I know what a memory leak is. I know what properly rating a program is.

Right now... I cannot have any of these awesome things.

So what I want to do, is start writing silly stuff, like a Facebook Client, a Twitter Client, an MSN Messanger, a Tumblr Client--and so many other clients it is silly. I want to write a Youtube client.

Because why? Because I freakin' hate the memory leak filled piece of crap Firefox is. Oh gawd... and how it handles when things break. It takes whatever has broken and tries to stop that... rather than whatever is breaking the crap out of stuff.

It is simple: what is trying to nice itself lower?
What has the most loops?
What has the most calls to sleep?
What has the most multidimensional loops?
What makes the most recursion calls?

And Eris dammit! Data should go onto Swap Space... not program code. That is seriously a HUGE freakin' Bottle Neck! AAAAAG!

So while I work on the Eechi Info pages (a perversion of the GNU Info Pages, as these Info pages will actually be useful), I'll probably also be doing:

A rewrite of the Netscape Plugin Handler Libraries... as your plugin library should never have the ability to crash a kernel. I know this has been patched... but sore feelings people sore feelings.

A task based framework in C that has network stuff be one style of service. Displaying stuff another. With background service stuff. Server services. Like what Android is... and what KDE4 was kind of suppose to be... except those are in Java and C++ respectively. Also, much like what KDE-Next is planning, I won't be writing my own damned GUI tool kit. It will probably just call KDE4 based stuff for now.

It also will follow a coding style... because I'm just old fashion like that.

This means I can use Social Network stuffs easier. Hell, maybe by August I might have a NSOW-SPARTA client working... that is "No Soil Or Water Sparta"... a client that can run Facebook's SPARTA framework and still be FlOSS.

Also, part of the Tumblr stuff will be to store some choice pictures closely.

Buy another laptop

My laptop is dying... I should probably look into another one. I can budget about 150$CAD to this for best results. I don't have that much to put here. At most, I have 120$CAD... assuming I don't grab a bra. Not taking into account stuff with Dawn.

Buy a present for Dawn

My friend Dawn is moving away. She is getting tired of the bullshit happening here. So she has asked for something to remember me by. Either a plushie, or a piece of jewellery or something. Thinking a plushie... because those are harder to turn into money.

Party with Dawn until dawn

Dawn puts up with too much shit here. At least give her some fun.

Buy Underwear

Should budget about 40$CAD for this... I'll be able to get like ten pairs of extremely comfortable panties from La Senza. They usually have a sale.

Buy a Proper Bra

I should budget about 60$ towards this as I'd also want to know my sizing. Though I can continue to do bikini tops due to how my bewb size is still fluctuating.

Buy New Shoes

Something with a much more decent heel. I only have one pair with a heel I like (for height)... my others are either too flat (OWIE!) or they are too short.


And end bitching

Stuff to do tommorrow Thursday June 12 1012

Eh, since I get up, and am like, "I cannot remember what this shit I wanted to do actually was"

I'm blogging about it the previous night.

The list

  • My Immortal Comic Adaption
  • Tumblr Theme Update
  • Pencil + Ink Katrina's Hurricane
  • Look into setting up an Feedburner thing for my Tumblr
  • Look into setting up comic software for my website
  • Phone help for eating disorder

My Immortal Comic Adaption

My work on figuring out how to do a comic book type thing for a graphic novel type stance is rather slow coming in its work.

I need something to help practice with. Something so terrible my own limitations with the art medium cannot do anything to destroy it. Something that even with my failing I might improve.

So, I shall begin work on adapting My Immortal, the infamous "Fan Fiction" about Raven Way and Enoby shall be released in several 18 Page Serial Graphic Novel format.

With the following in each issue:
  1. Cover Graphic/Image (1pg)
  2. Foreward, story so far, and supporting graphics (1-2pg)
  3. Message from the Editor/Artist/Crazy Bitch (and supporting graphics) (1pg)
  4. Important Character Spread (1-2pg)
  5. Story material (10-12 pg)
  6. Bookend material (1pg)
  7. Letters to the Editor (1pg... may just have some weird filler, where I copy and paste or respond to enquires from Francis E. Dec Esquire... if nobody sends anything)
The practice will of course allow me to only be driven insane at the story's content... not my failure to depict the story content.

Tumblr Theme Update

I find my current Tumblr theme frustrating and annoying. I am going to work on a custom one. I need to remember to do this.

Pencil + Ink Katrina's Hurricane

I still have ideas for Katrina's Hurricane Comics that I will pencil and ink over the course of my posting stuff on the interwebs.

Until a few other things are set up, I should limit these to five/six panel type interactions. Rather than the epics that tend to span multiple pages... and would work better if I could queue when my comics appear.

Look into Feedburner on Tumblr

There is a feature that exists... that I am not using. ROAR!

I also need to figure out how I should look into setting up my RSS feed readers and whatever.

It would work to have this as a priority of eEchidna for June 2012, really.

Look at setting up a cartoon website thing

I think I'm nearly at the point where I can say I will commit to posting a comic regularly.

The only issue is some of my comics take several days to go through them properly, that I set up a queue of comics to release... without even thinking about it.

This automatic queue rather than huge batch updates would work much better at keeping interest in my stuff.

Phone about eating disorder

My body is doing that thing, where when I try starting to eat... it gets mad at me.

If I smoked, I'd swear I'd live on Coffee, Poutine and Cigarettes. I'd be ultra lesbian... or something.

Kidding aside, I need to look into treating this.


eEchidna System Update

Well, it is always weird when I see progress occurring on stuff I do. Because I find it rather enjoyable. That is why. Weird I can enjoy things.

Either way, it seems that one of the subsystems of eEchidna System, the Eechi DNA INFO Pages will have a primative form done by the end of June 2012.

One of the items in place for eEchidna is context based run times and context based commands. Where much like NextStep allowed you to talk to other computers on your network with a few commands--for the purposes of distributed processing. eEchidna will have commands to talk between jailed tasks and commands. With certain parts of the system segmented, and only able to talk to each other in ways that play nicely.

Similar to how Android OS does something like that.

Right now, what it looks like is there will be several subsystems, or organs, working inside eEchidna for its running. One of them will of course be the Eechi DNA INFO Pages. Referred to as a perversion of the GNU Info Pages... as our Info pages actually are useful.

What I am doing for now, is having the Eechi DNA Info Pages be set up as a Python Pyramid based system. Kind of similar to how a Wiki would be set up. Early versions would have me just doing it as a simple note book to shove various important documentation type items.

With future steps adding much more complicated linking schemes between the pages. With linear reading being based more upon where you came from... rather than wear you are.

With searches being able to dynamically pull together new pages based on the excerpts from other pages in storage.

Beyond that would allow the addition of RSS Feeds to pull in new articles and information. Then being able to confirm and verify based upon other Eechi DNA Info Page setups in the nearby area. To sort of sync the contents... with the user able to flag what they vote as preferable.

With me being able to have a decent little local storage notebook to sync verify and various other bits of information and notes... I can move onto other items.

First being a MVC style HTML renderer. With it able to take in HTML5, HTML401, XHTML2, XHTML11, CSS2, CSS3, PS and several other ways to describe how a page should look and its contents. Then have it stored in a PDF, DOM or SAX style context (or converted)... and able to be modified.

Essentially allowing for a start for how the eEchidna Machine will work. Which is more just something designed to keep track of different values and informations... then translate to other values. As it is more meant to just track how it understands things... and how to explain it to other systems.

Which is odd...

The whole time I was looking at how I'd start this rudimentary system, all that was going through my head was allowing the system to double check its insides. Its whole... and just keep track of itself.

And my dream of having AI so strong, that it became my super power. Kind of akin to Dirk Strider from Homestuck.

It is well... rather weird.

But hey... progress is being made.