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The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


I just talk way too much

Discussion leading up to the situation

23:04 <+Jibkat>

23:05 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: yeah... the proper term is mechanophile...
23:05 <+KatrinaTheLamia> wait... Jibkat... you... you are not a mechanophile are you?
23:06 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Screw it--we are not leaving Jibkat alone with any motorised vehilces ever again.
23:06 <+Trinity> yeah we are, it's his dick that he's fucking up
23:06 <+Trinity> it'll be flat by the time he's done
23:07 <+Jibkat> You know
23:07 <+Trinity> ?
23:07 <+Trinity> don't be mad jib
23:07 <+Jibkat> All this shit talk that Katrina is doing is againt the rules of the chat
23:07 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Trinity: well, I suppose what a consenting adult, and his chevy convertable do int the privacy of their own home is completley their own
23:07 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibbers: which rules are those?
23:07 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: I mean, if I am breaking a rule, you need to cite it.
23:08 <+Jibkat> When somone has you on ignore, your not suppost to be trying to get people to say the shit your saying
23:08 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Citation needed
23:08 <+Trinity> jib: we've all broken the rules of the chat just today
23:08 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: who says I am trying it.
23:08 < Kabiri_Jester> eh?.. Citation?
23:08  * Trinity is confused
23:08 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: I am just talking, and people seem to be enjoying it.

The incident:

23:09 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Trinity: yeah--jibbers has me on ignore
23:09 <+Jibkat> Trin, I have the fucker on ignore
23:09 <+Trinity> Katrina: no, we are just bored ;)
23:09 <+Jibkat> With his constant furry love shit
23:09 <+Trinity> oh okay
23:09 <+Jibkat> So his tricking you to post stuff he says
23:09 <+Illuminaughty> lol
23:09 -!- CaponeX [] has joined #rantradio
23:09 -!- mode/#rantradio [+o CaponeX] by ChanServ
23:09 < Kabiri_Jester> I have a solution, Log into SL and listen to the show
23:09 <+Jibkat> Hey Cappy
23:09 <+KatrinaTheLamia> jibbers: no, I am not doing any kind of tricking anybody.
23:10 <+Trinity> well SEE, now i'm put in a position...O.o
23:10 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Jibkat: if people are posting stuff I say, it is without any suggestion of my own part.
23:10 <+kusuriya> Trinity: its better to just let it slide and dont include jibbles in it he ingores KatrinaTheLamia for his own reasons
23:10 <+Trinity> yeah that's understandable
23:11 < Kabiri_Jester> I have a better solution;
23:11 <+kusuriya> ignores even
23:11 < Kabiri_Jester> Drop the enitre topic all together
23:11 < Kabiri_Jester> T%alk about the Kunfu bear
23:11 <+kusuriya> yes
23:11 <+KatrinaTheLamia> Trin: IO think the reason he is so frustrated by me, is because he likes me, but cannot admit it.
23:11 <+Trinity> I can admit that I didnt know about the ignore, but ANYWAY let's stop bitching about the fucking ignoring people bullshit and go on with regular
23:11 <+Jibkat> What is Kunfu beer and how can I get it
23:11 <+KatrinaTheLamia> there we go!
23:11 <+Trinity> Katrina: drop it
23:11 -!- tomzombie [] has quit [Quit: The cake is not the only lie]
23:12 <+Jibkat> Trin, its pointless
23:12 <+Jibkat> Just ignore him and move on with your life
23:12 <+Jibkat> ^_^
23:12 <+kusuriya> Trinity: just ignore it and she will drop it she doesnt take commands well
23:12 < Kabiri_Jester> Jibkat:
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> drop what?

23:12 <+Trinity> the subject Katrina
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> which subject?
23:12 <+Jibkat> NO, I WANT KUNFU BEER
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> I was talking about Kung fu bear
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> 23:11 <+Jibkat> What is Kunfu beer and how can I get it
23:12 <+KatrinaTheLamia> 23:11 <+KatrinaTheLamia> there we go!
23:13 -!- nimbius [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:13 <+KatrinaTheLamia> ^^ that is not dropping it?
23:13 <+Trinity>'re kinda being annoying now
23:13 < Kabiri_Jester> Their was once a wise person who said, "The difference between "Commands" and suggestions, is all in ones perception of self vs. Ego of self
                       worth." I suggest,.. you percieve a better direction and focus of jabing at someone else... Liek me,.. I a way more entertaining target
23:13 <+Trinity> I feel like I'm talking to my son having to repeat myself
23:14 <+KatrinaTheLamia> fuck it-I can say "move on please" a thousand times, and people will still think I am causing trouble.
23:14 <+Trinity> lol Kabiri ;)
23:14 <+KatrinaTheLamia> .ne growls
23:14  * Jibkat meows
23:14 <+KatrinaTheLamia> anyways... Kung fu bear?
23:14 < Kabiri_Jester> Poke fun at the Jester,... its way more entertaining,.. and probably wont get you banned,.. because I like being made fun of. =^_^=

23:14 <+kusuriya> Kabiri_Jester: i agree but im not going to hit hat hive :)
23:15 <+KatrinaTheLamia> I was agreeing with that topic chamnge/
23:15 < Kabiri_Jester> wise idea

I just cannot shut up or change topics. No--I am just stuck in a bloody rut in an argument. Not moving on to a new subject.

You know--this situation has occurred way too many times.

Could somebody please tell me how to drop a subject,

As apparently I have no idea on it.

I thought I was attempting to drop the subject here--but I am apparently mistake. Perhaps something should be put here.

This happens often enough that, clearly I am doing something wrong here as apparently I am the same component in each situation this occurs. I need to learn what I am doing wrong, so this does not continue,

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