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I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


No interest in Alex Jones

Okay... just got into a conversation, with somebody talking about We Are Change. No, not Alex Jones. Just somebody representing the cause for me. And you know what? I have no interest to join those lunatics and delusional crackpots.

This needs to start somewhere. Something needs to be put into this to get somebody to not only talk to me about this group.

It was china labour. Somebody was ranting about how they make chinese people work 14 hours for seven days a week. Well, at this stage that exists in a form of Schroedinger status. At this point, they both do this and do not do this at the same time. Until I can observe it. And likely if I were to go out to China, I would probably change the state of this--while I was there anyways to observe it. I have no clue if this is true--I mean just mentioned the common idea of Bangkok is that ever deranged sexual fantasy is reality there.

I am also aware that these may be rumours. Stuff that people just say--but is not true. Compare what a lot of otaku say about what goes on in Japan. Mostly that school girl rape is real. Porn exists on Saturday morning cartoons. That having sex with little girls is okay. That it is okay for school girls to have sex with their teachers. Usually the list goes on and on to become even more ridiculous with each entry.

Until I hear something more than just rumours, that is how Thailand will exist in my mind. Just a set of rumours that I am not entirely certain are 100% accurate. Heck, I am not entirely certain they are 30% accurate.

Now keep in mind: Otaku does not mean "fan of Japanese culture". It usually means "idiot who throws their life away for a useless cause." With connotations of this person dropping out of school, being large, creepy and not well cleaned.

So--my use of vernacular is correct here.

The guy goes off to ranting about Walmart. So, he is already coming off as somebody who bitches about things. Which okay, we are on common ground here, I am a blogger. I know all I am doing is just bitching out in prose form. I mean--I am not even certain my family reads this. I mean, I probably just write this stuff, and nobody cares abot it. Essentially, by blogging, I am just bitching about something without any real action. I just try to be entertaining. We are on the same grounds... or so I think we are.

I ask him what he is doing. He lists:

  • Buying from local producers
  • Voting for the right politicians
  • Getting information out.
Okay.. just a few things wrong with this.

First off, buying from locally produced goods does not mean you are screwing the big guy. As well--most of the farms here in Alberta generally have a fair amount of government sponsorship... or in some cases, corporate sponsorship. Why is this? Well, a lot of them tend to have issues affording the costs of running the farms.

Farming is very expensive, and less people are choosing to be farmers every year.

Typically, even buying locally produced, you still are putting a fair amount in corporate wallets. This is without going into Prosiliac and the fact that they buy their farm equipment from the corporations.

I really do not want to touch why I think he is rather bloody silly about voting for the right politicians. I go to vote... but, I typically do not think it really does anything to help. I mostly do it, to keep people like this yahoo from yelling at me. Considering I live in Alberta, a rather conservative province, and I generally tend to vote NDP or Pirate Party (if they will have a riding here)... I generally know that I may as well just flush it down the toilet. For all it is going to help me. The only reason I do this, is so that yahoo's like this, do not constantly bother me about not doing it.

I honestly believe it does not good. So, I am already giving in to enough peer pressure as it is. I am not one to vote for another more popular party just to keep the Tories out. No, this is enough peer pressure on me as it is. I generally prefer the NDPs to the Liberals most of the time anyways. And if I was voting for the "cool kids party" it would not be the Liberals that got my vote. No, no, no--it would be the Tories. Considering enough peer pressure is being applied here, if you are going to apply any more--you know what? Why not go all the way? The next step to voting for a party I agree with, but do not think will get it, is voting for a party I do not agree with , but know will get in. Making the choices hopefully Pirate Party (agree with, but do not see in), or Tories (do not agree with, but they will get in).

Keep in mind, just the fact that I am even bothering to play this little game in the first place, I am already compromising enough. This is already a compromised state, tell me to go further, and I will stop pussy footing it, and vote for who will get in--as well, going Liberal already is bending it even further than I am willing to play games with.

Getting information out to the public does not work if they are not receptive.

I told him a better idea is to become the corporations. Become a powerhaus that they do not want to piss off. Become somebody as big as them.

Well, his answer is, he does not have he money to do this. This is very important--as here he shows himself to be a hypocrit. Later on, he points his finger at me, for not spending large amounts of money on a specific brand of bottled water.

He goes off somewhere else about how all Fortune 500 companies are criminals. That no fortune has been made without crime and blah blah blah.

So, I tell him, then, why not just do some crime.

His response was something along the line that there are heroes out there, who do not crimes in any way.

I tell him he is wrong. Ever hero is just a criminal presented up in a positive light.

No change has ever been made without some rules being broken.

This was when he showed the most evidence of snapping. Of--well.. somebody who has started drinking a lot of the Koolaid. Which is nice--I probably should have asked him if he found his Nike's for when he put the blankets over his head, and ate the apple sauce.

He started taking what I was saying, and twisting them around in his head to not make sense anymore.

He told me, that my proposition of committing violence was not the solution.

WTF?! I did not mention violence. I mention that there is a law you do not agree with the reasoning behind, you break it. You break some rule, that does not need to be there. That has no reason to be there. His statement was that I was talking about violence.

Next he goes off to talk about how Martin Luther King did not do violence. Well, that is the thing, there were a lot of criminal acts during the Black Civil Rights movements. Starting with an old black woman not sitting on the front of the bus. This was an illegal action at the time.

Even then, what about the LA Riots? What about the Black Panthers. I mean, while the Black Panthers are some scary cats--they did some good. Why? Well--typically it was the black guy that got picked on by groups of white men in dunce caps--these guys well... they at least made things equal. As now we have both gangs of white men and black people going around beating the crap out of stuff. I mean, now gangs of all colours can run around killing people, without fear of being different. I consider that a sign of equal treatment. Should those idiots in white robes and dunce caps stop running around, and the Black Panthers are around--the black people have more power. Should the Black Panthers disappear and those idiots in white robes and dunce caps say--those idiots get more power. If they are both here, they are both equal. I personally do not see any reason to believe that they will both disappear though. They will just take on a different form.

I mean, the Gay and Woman Civil Rights movements too, had their own fair share of illegal activities done in them. As a protest for stupid laws in place.

Hey, in China--do you not think that perhaps standing in front of a tank, may not be considered illegal? It IS resisting authority... about the only law in that country really. Nothing says "fuck you" to authority, like standing in front of a tank.

The idea here is that in some cases, the laws that need to be removed, need to be broken at one point.

Okay--this is not too bad... but... what is his main avenue. Phone and sending letters to his MLAs and MPs. Personally, I have never had much stock in that. As well, I first need to have a convincing point in my letter. I mean--there have been plenty of bills passed just fine, that I hated, that people tried bulk mailing MLAs with.

The issue with that is, at some time, those letters just become meaningless. Like another "You may have won one million dollars!"

Especially with the issues that yahoo here was having stringing together coherent logic.

Well--okay... he needs a cause. What is his cause. Flouride in Water.

I--I--I just face palmed here.

First off--Flouride in Water is what is called a conspiracy theory here folks. I mean, okay, you have large amounts of evidence that you are true. That does not stop the average joe from thinking you are a total whack job.

Okay--sales spin change here: present it as "lessening the hazardous chemicals put into the water."

This works. Now present the various risks that many of the chemicals in your water present. Yes, Flouride would be on the list, but mix it in with others. Other compositions and what not.

I tell him, you know, when you tell people you want to stop putting Flouride in water, you are coming across as a total whack job to most people. This is in the topic of conspiracy theories to most people watching.

He did not understand how a rant that Mel Gibson's character went into right at the beginning of the movie Conspiracy Theory would go off on this one.

I mean, HIV being used to clear out the ghettos to most people listening is on the same level.

At this point, you may as well be wearing tin foil hats, and typing up letters signed FRANCIS E. DEC ESQUIRE. YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. For all the good it will do you.

This is what you look like to most people at this time. This is part of why I follow Sean Kennedy The Fucking Man--because at least he is aware of the fact that this is how he comes across. He plays with it. He jokes about it. He entertains with it. The main reason I am generally inclined to consider what Sean Kennedy is going to suggest, is because he entertains about it.

The same goes for Doctor Steel.

Yet, the yahoo I was talking too was convinced that if he just puts the raw data out to the world, people will change. People will move people will not do something other than sit on their large asses.

I try to tell him, that you need to present your side as something people will want. You need to convince people. You need to make them want to care.

He was so blind in his faith that things will change here. That by passing out flyers. That by "voting right". That by "not buying" corporate stuff. He is somehow bringing forth change.

The thing is, he was representing We Are Change. In doing so, he was--hurting them more.

His actions are the sorts of things that have been getting done since the 1960s by the Hippies. Now, do hippies actually change anything. Hell no--they are the laughing stock of effective action. Hippies are like Aquaman of the revolutionary world. "Whales! How about we save them with WHALES! WWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAALLLLEEEEEEESSSSS!!!" (quote from Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged).

We both go off to get food. I end up drinking some water. After that cup... I get a rather horrible Tylenol Headache.

I am allergic to every painkiller on the market. I was just reacting like I had taken a decent dosage of Tylenol. I was getting a pretty horrid headache.

I mention to him, that you know, perhaps we should work to make our filtering systems somewhat more effective? Our city's water treatment plant is upstream from the water intake. There is not much of anything in place (or really that exists) to filter out all of these fine pharmaceuticals that come out in urine.

He goes off on some rant that I do not care about. Like a really badly scripted in game NPC. Talking about how pharmaceuticals get into the water, and a whole process that I know entirely about. He came off sounding extremely scripting in his repetition of stuff I already new about. Hence why I brought it up.

I end up yelling him to stop treating me like an idiot.

We then go into the process of having people learn about issues, and fix them. However "only one issue at time"

I tell him, that it is about agreeing upon which issue to fix. As there are many. He responds that we all have the same issues. We need one at a time.

I yell at him, "I do not care how much fucking flouride is in the water-just get the other fucking crap out!"

He was now in  smug form of somebody who had no clue what was going on--who still thought he knew it all, "go drink some more water with Tylenol in it."

I responded that such an action would only make me more violent and blood thirsty. Tylenol gives me a fierce headache. I am lucky that it was not Motrin in there. Motrin makes ever muscle in my body ache and hurt.

He says that I should have bought bottled water.

I tell him that it really was not that real of an issue for me that long ago.

He takes the assumption to mean that I have never drank bottled water ever before. Okay--he is obviously delusional and very psychopathic here.

I tell him that I have drank bottled water before.

He asks me why I am still drinking tap water.

I respond that I have been broke for the past two weeks.

He asks why I did not buy it last week when I had money.

Okay--it is at this point, that I understand this guy is not listening to me in any meaningful manner. Or he has no logical capacities whatsoever to consider what is going around him, and taking in the information in a decent manner.

He asks when I had money. Did I buy water then. I respond yes.

"What Brand?"


I answer, I did not look at the brand. I did not think it mattered, I just look at the label to see what the ingredients and chemicals compounds contain.

He goes off on a rant about how Aquafina is the devil as it contains Flouride and that is has 3 times as much as tap water, listed right on the label.

I kind of pointed out, that yeah, that would have ruled it out. As it says it has it in it on the label. Making it not an acceptable purchase.

I pointed out that between September 2009 and the start of January 2010, I had tried to be a Vegan. Which got me very good at reading labels. I also learned, I could not function as a Vegan. I need meat.

He states that I could not say what brand I drank. I said it did not matter--I turned the bottle to the side, to the list of ingredients and chemical compositions in the bottle, and just completely ignored the brand.

He then goes off on how I am not doing this right because I am not drinking BC Water.

I point out that you now, relying on a brand is kind of stupid. As they can kind of change their composition at any time. If you do not look into it for the ingredients, you likely will get screwed.

Nonsense. It contains BC Spring Water.

And McDonald's burgers contains 100% Pure Beef. As well, the company that does their meat is incorporated as "100% Pure Beef LMT"

His response is, "ha! I DO NOT eat McDonalds"

Right, missing my point once again. My point was that the processing plant doing the water may be incorporated as "BC Spring Water Co."--Meaning that this did not mean anything.

Look at the ingredients.

He tells me it says it contains Whistlewater.

I ask him a yes or no question here. It was very simple. In the list of ingrediants. By the chemical composition on the side of the bottle, as all bottles are required by law to contain this information, does it list it as "Whistlewater".

By the way, if you list your "water" ingredient as some other weird chemical, the same alarm bells go off in my head, as if it says aspertain or heavy water. I mean, I know what carbonated water is. Whistlewater I do not. I am also not going to trust the sales spiel of he people wanting me to drink the stuff. At least with tap water,  I know it is water... but like cracker jacks... I never know what prize is inside.

He gives me a link to the website saying that the label is in the front page.

I follow, and tell him, wrong part of the label. The image he gave me had a brand name logo. Not a list of chemicals and what not in there. Nothing on its purifying process. It was just a brand logo, from the front. Fluff that I do not care about.

He stopped responding to me. Calling me a "negative thinker" and "not a team player". That I was part of the problem here.

The thing is--at the start of this, I flat out stated that I knew I was not doing anything to help. I was wondering what he was doing to help out. He said he was doing lots. He was passing out flyers, and writing letters, and all that stuff. Which was a lot more than me.

Well, the thing is, he was doing a lot more. He made me not want to go to a group that he has presented as self deluded crackpots via his representation of it.

Apart from that--he is doing a large pile of nothing to change the system. The only difference, is he thinks he is doing something.

Evidence shows, he is just another part of the system. Another cog in the system. Designed to make himself think he can change it with pretty much no effort.

If anything, he is perpetuating the system even more.

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