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The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Who I am!

Okay, first off--I am not a harlot. Nowhere do I say I am a harlot. I am The Harlot, Now, to explain my position here.

Society has certain etiquettes. Rules to follow. Behaviours a girl should do. Behaviours that are required to be accepted.

I tried to follow these societal etiquettes. I really did. Trying to live this cookie cutter role nearly killed me.

Rules have reasons--and you need to look into why you are doing things. Why regulations are in place. Why it is that certain things are done.

If there is a perfectly good and valid reason for doing said rule or action. Then, you regard your behaviours and patterns based on that good and valid reason. Acting on that reason--with a small regard for the rule that was made. Ready to adjust those actions and behaviours, as more information on the reason is presented.

Typically, the good rules have very good reasons.

This why anarchy is a bad thing. Some of these structures and what not have a very good reason to be in place.

Though, in order to see the structure, you need to know why it is there. What presents it. What makes it, what drives it.

If you agree with that structure, praise it. As it has earned it. If you disagree--well, I personally recommend arson. It is fairly popular with others.

Now, how did I get here--ignoring polities that was impressed upon me since an early age? Taking common society ethics and pointing out how retarded they are--to the point, that some people in ivory towers may suggest that I have the social graces of a retarded five year old?

I questioned them. I looked into why most of them are there.

Much the same reasons I am not a Christian for the reason of actually reading the Bible--most of these proper behaviours I have looked into as out dated. Archaic... and largely no longer relevant.

It is not to say that I do not have ethics... I just have ones that allow me to live. Poorly, yes--but hey, I am alive, and that is what counts.

Why did I question these? Well--I was kind of put to gun point over them. The thing is, the best authority requires people to question it. To ask about its invalidity. To point out issues with it. If it stands up, then the authority is earn--and is to be respected until further notice.

With me, you need to earn my respect. Just because you are a police man, homeless bum, govenator, president, politician, teacher, laywer or doctor, does not automatically earn respect. As well--you all fry the same. However, if in my questioning of who you are and what you do, everybody is an equal to earn my respect.

Except Gingers... bloody plague. We should round them up, put them into ghettos and gas them. I mean, they cause GRIDS you know, Ginger Related Immunol Deficiency Syndrome. I think I am valid here on my prejudices.

So, my ethics I follow? Lets go over them:

Sober People Make No Sense.

This is an important part of how I see the world. Now, imagine a drunk person. A group of sobre people are around that person. That drunk person will not be able to make any sense. However, it is not because they are in anyway drunk. As you put a sobre person in a group of drunk people--and you know what? It is the sobre person that is completely loony toons, nuts and has no clue what they are doing.

In any situation, were I do not make sense, or possible seem to make sense, I understand, that I have an equal chance of being drunk or sobre here.

I Do Not Convince Others In Arguments

When I argue, the last thing I am trying to do is convince the person. No, I reserve that for scolding or preaching. When arguing, my main purpose is to figure out how the other side's argument works. How it occurs, and operates. This is why I take it apart, to figure out how it works. And you know what? There generally is a good chance it works better than my side. At which point, my next few steps are to adopt their side into my views of the world.

If you do end up being convinced as I am questioning you, first, this requires the conscious idea on your part that your view does not add up. That it is broken. Typically, I am not going for this state. I start off assuming that your side works flawlessly, and to learn how and why it works. Generally defaulting to my side being in the wrong. Just trying to find out why and how I am wrong, in the dispute.

Without any solid evidence backing up your side, you are crazy.

Much like a person on the side of the street, holding an "end of the world is nigh" sign, tin foil on theri head, screaming about the 96 hour day--unless you can present some reason for why something is true, you will be regarded in this state or image.

If you cannot show why or how you came to a conclusion, I am entitled to believe you are nuts.

You are required to think I am nuts, until further notice

Did you know, that I believe I have some psionic ability? I do--I think all sorts of crazy things. Do I expect you to believe me that I am not crazy?

No, I am fucking nuts.

Until I can present any evidence that what is in my head is outside my head in some tangible form, my expectations is, if I mention something as ludicrous as my psionic abilities, that you roll your eyes, say "of course you do," and change the subject.

Or do the smart thing, and ask why I think such an insanely ludicrous proposition. As well, there must be some reason I have come to that conclusion. Such as:

Most of my views come from a complete lack of Nirvana Fallacy

I do not know why people say I invoke the Nirvana Fallacy all that often. As most of my knowledge on how the world works operates on me joking about how flawed my view is--I just do not have a better reason to explain the world.

Yes, a lot of what I observe, typically has some logical and viable reason to it. Please give that to me. As I look rather silly saying that crazy stuff. I mean, think about how silly most people claiming they have psychic powers are. Now realise that I know that I look this silly. Due to lack of other reason presented.

I only say that crazy stuff, due to complete lack of logical explanation. Once a logical explanation is given that fits all present criteria, I will latch onto that, like a pack of hungry weasels onto flesh.

I swear, I curse and I insult

It is nice that when some people are stressed they have some way to express it, that is acceptable. If you know a way, let me know, mmmkay?

Myself, when something pisses me off, my best bet for dealing with it is to face it. To confront it. Question it. Try describing it--and try to get it to describe itself.

If I am really stressed, insults and curses will slip in. You are fully capable of filtering these out to see my point. Just like you are capable of focusing on my insults, you are capable of looking around them, noting that I am obviously stressed--and look into seeing why it is that I am stressed.

Also, insults and curses are not capable of hurting you. About the only thing a person going off on a rant, insulting and cursing really harms is themself. For an insult to hit a major cord in you, or for a swear word to harm you--you need to allow it to. Typically, getting angry is a secondary emotion. Always there is a memory, mental image or feeling that comes up at prior to the anger.

When an insult causes somebody to go off, do not blame the insult. At this point, it merely is a symptom of a major issues. Much like giving somebody Vitamin C helps the scurvy, look into what is causing the insult to hurt the person.

As if not for that, all somebody jumping around cursing, screaming and flailing is going to do, is going to evoke a massive giggle attack. Which btw:

When I am Pissed Off, I am Going to Invoke a Giggle Attack

When, I am angry, stressed, or otherwise hurt, I start to crack jokes. Typically, you can gage how much a situation bothers me, due to how off coloured my jokes become. The more sarcastic I get, as I dress the situation down--and generally making myself look retarded as I rant about it...

The more stressed it has evidently made me. When I am stressed, and really pissed off, I start taunting what is causing it. Usually, it is the ridiculous situation itself that I make fun of an taunt. As it is more the situation than the person that is to blame. People are generally nice and fun to talk to. Situations are what usually makes them less fun.

So, when in an uncomfortable situation, I start cracking jokes.

Apparently, I Upset People With My Ethics

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