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The Lamia Hiss

The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Justification for this Blog

I dunno. Having a few issues getting stuff to work with this blag.

Typically, I normally would just ship something onto Posterous, and have that ship stuff everywhere. However, it seems that the Posterous posts are not showing up in my blog's main feed for others to look at.

It is somewhat annoying.

So, I need to think of something to post onto this blog. Various topic ideas include:

  • Current grippings and concerns about the world. Think like LiveJournal--only just a little bit more pathetic as I would be the only one whining here.
  • Boss Battle of the week. This was mentioned at an D&D group. The idea of setting up a room and boss character for that room. While I do not knw D&D well enough to pull this off, there are other systems out there that I could make use of my knowledge in.
  • Movie Reviews. A regular movie review covering various items and aspects of it.
  • Game Reviews. The same as the above, possibly drawing from stuff in my GamerDNA posts.
  • Book Reviews.... this however is somehow different. Completely and totally above all else.
  • Annotated game plays.
You know? How about I just do all of those?

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