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The Lamia Hiss

The Lamia Harlot Hissing.

I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Would you consider yourself a sexual deviant?

Well, considering I can explain why and how "vanilla sex" (sex between a man and his wife in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation while Jesus watches) is the most fvcked up and kink filled sex out there.. and list the long list of fetish activities present in it...

Yes, but only because you cannot have sex, and not be a sexual deviant. Hell, even in NOT having sex, you are still a sexual deviant.

I do not want people constantly asking me about Grim Fandango

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