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I make various off colour jokes on social ideas and constructs that seem weird or off to me. Possibly remarking why I cannot confess to being human really--humans make no sense to me. Typically including my ideas and thoughts on these rather weird ideas, conclusion jumping to the left, as I step around to the right to see what people are thinking here. Then I thrust some mind viruses in to really drive you insane.

But you know what? I just know history will repeat itself again.

Hope you enjoy me bitching people out.


Empathy Explained with Biology (Hypothesis)

Well, there is a chance I am delusional and completely putting this together wrong. Which at the end of the day, that is how I usually am anyways. I have figured out how the psionic idea of empathy may in fact have a biological functionality to its working. Further more, this hypothesis explains the rise in Autism by a rouge DNA strand that is created by having large cities.

Let us go down this rabbit hole of madness shall we (what? I read this blog too you know, I cannot even suggest anything here is sane or reasonable).

They have done research that have found subaural noise, that is noise below what our ears can pick up and detect, do influence our mood state. It has been done to for crowd control, allegedly. Somebody apparently took the Machiavellian Prince far too seriously here. Why would making a lynch mob scared disperse it? Wouldn't that escalate that situation? Wait... isn't London using this for crowd control? My response is... why not just figure out what subaural noise makes people really happy and pleasant... and point that at crowds you want to control. I think it is hard to riot when people are pleasant against their normal peace and will... but I may be weird. Or know too many stoners (A stoner riot? Whhhaaaa?).

Now, meanwhile, in Japan, as a standard Japanese Research Product, a Scientist is playing happy music to water... then flash freezing it. Or just having happy people around water. Angry people around water--or just having himself feeling "positive" or "negative". Then flash freezing it, and noticing, positive emotions crystalise different from negative ones.

Going out onto a limb here, but fluid works as a great medium for sound waves. Including ones that are below what we can hear. The subaural frequencies being too low for our ear to hear, would influence how the water crystalise by way of the water being a medium for the sound wave.

The human body is comprised of a fair amount of water--or fluid based on a hydrogen hydroxide solute at a fair rate. Water could be vibrated to produce subaural waves. As the Japanese researcher has shown, water can also be used to receive these waves. Most of the body has nervous tissue structures that could produce enough electrical current, to make the water in the body produce subaural waves, to those around it.

Essentially putting emotional states as a starfish language that worked mostly on "there is food that way" and "we are food that way" dynamics, from before animals had faces or any other way to communicate such items on them.

Based on how DNA has been found to work, on that it simple goes, "does this not kill a species" "yes, keep it", "no, toss it". Making it so that any addition if it comes across as benign, it usually stays in the DNA for some time to come... as well as stuff that helps creatures live and function. It is only if it ends up killing creatures faster than they can reproduce, that it really goes away.

There really is no reason to say such a communication method, based on nervous system structures and vibration of water molecules using low amounts of electrical current would no longer exist... if it ever had before.

This would explain those freaky deaky hippies talking about "empathy" and "how it feels", in a way that does not have me come across as a complete tool. As I care about that idea. At the simplest level, it just means empathetic people are just not as deaf as the rest of the population to this concept. It also allows a way to honestly measure how something feels in a scientific manner. Just fashion together a structure to work as a subaural receiver and observe what frequencies tend to induce what feelings (making notes for the mental health, and place of original) in certain subjects.. with little to no other noise present... and you can measure, "yes, that crystal does feel happy".

The thing is, I do believe in preternatural and supernatural items... I just really hate calling them "psychic" or "magic". Being an "empath" myself (that is, having the water structure in my body more sensitive to the sub aural frequencies coming from other persons... and not psychic or in touch with my aura). This may also explain what an "aura" is... and put people who see it, as having sensual dissonance. The mental illness that has people see music, without ever taking LSD. Probably screwed up the name.... I just think "that thing, that has people smell colours, without LSD... making it much harder to function."... but that is wordy, and people complain when I do not use the right sterile medical shorthand.

Now, I am going to describe the REAL crazy part here: how this relates to the rise of Autism cases. This is likely the fictional portion that I am very much wrong on... and am only a crazed lunatic.

There is a sizable population in the Autism groups, that what happened was the general noise and emotions of the room itself is much louder for them, than others. A smile that is quiet to most... is a shout for them. They mostly handle this by shutting off all input of the emotional type. Forcing themselves to be deaf, dumb and blind to all around... just to function in the world. Akin to The Who's Tommy conceptual album character... just with emotions and not literal sight and sound.

Again, going with the DNA notion that if there is no reason to remove a genetic trait, it stays in, and the fact we are dealing with Hive environments, rather than Pack environments. The human mind, can only handle ~200 "People", beyond that, it only can put these people shaped objects as statistics. This brain based function is why if you kill one person, you are a murder.. but if you kill a thousand, you are a hero. As a thousand is a statistic--which is very true. Try throwing rapid numbers of how many are dead or influenced... then try naming a specific person and describing their habits. Which is more effective? Having a poster child (or representative stereotype) usually is.

Now we as a society are living in conditions that have far more than the ~200 "People" our minds can handle. And more so: it is impossible to go BACK to having on ~200 people.

Now, moving onto the controversial biology subject of Super Organisms, there may be a dormant genetic trait that under certain conditions create Super Organism type characteristics.

There are plenty of genetic traits in all of humanity that do not turn on, or activate unless certain stimuli exists. These do not do anything as far as super powers are concerned... unless you consider being homosexual is a super power (Commissioner David of the Fashion Police called! Quick Robin--TO THE MAKE OVER MOBILE!). Homosexuality is a fertility gene that under certain stimuli will result in a gay individual. However: removal of the gene itself, would cause a drop in fertility in the heterosexual population to the point of near species extinction... and attempting to remove the stimuli that produce homosexuality, would create a psychological situation that INCREASES how many homosexuals are produced by the current ambient stimuli.

Hey, gay people: you are the reason the breeders can function. Take that in your pipe and smoke it... oh... wait... raging dyke here... damn hypocritical statements.

Likely Autism could be used to describe how Super Organism structures start and create. By creating a situation with more population that each member can hold at its "pack level" identity, that the population need to look at, could result in an increase of this genetic trait activating, that makes the entire emotional environment louder for one of the local members.

Such a louder trait, would allow that member to make that cluster of people its own organism, that is, have a crowd become one person in a group. Each person is an extension of the congeal super person.

Unfortunately, people are quite a bit different from ants or bees. The mental and emotional structures and pathways in bees and ants, are not at the same level as various larger mammal populations. Even more so, there have not been any sizable pool of major species that have grouped together larger than what their minds can handle, apart from humans and possibly rats.

Humans, due to a fvckload of emotional trauma we all deal with as part of life... are more emotionally screwed up, as we enter adolescence... never mind approaching adult hood. Which causes the Austism Super Person trigger to not be beneficial when its stimuli is present. That is, yes, it works for ants... but you know what? Fvcking Ants!

This would allow to explain how empathic individuals who have a fair amount of ability to control and handle the incoming emotional stresses, tend to also be able to lead and develop. By having this trigger activate, with stimuli that does not have the trigger backfire (think of it like a weapon that 9 times out of 10 blows up in your face)... the seem to control other people, like they are not other people, but just part of their own person.

The main item here, would be for me to figure out a way to properly research this stuff. As even if I am wrong... looking into this, would be beneficial to crowd control, civil engineering, super organism hypothesis (even if nonconclusive, it is helpful data), mental health for people with items on the Autism spectrum. No matter how fvcking nuts this idea is.

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